Review - Eyewitness Books: Predator and Flight from DK Publishing

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DK PublishingDK Publishing is world renowned for its distinctive, highly visual books that inform, inspire, and entertain readers of all ages. Publisher of the New York Times bestseller LEGO  Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary, and Do Not Open, among others. DK also publishes the award-winning Eyewitness series for children and Eyewitness Travel Guides.

BradyGames and Rough Guides are also available from DK, a division of Penguin Group.  I recently had the opportunity to review two of the newest members to the Eyewitness Books family, Flight and Predator.  Keep reading to learn more!

I reviewed the Eyewitness Books: Predator and Eyewitness Books: Flight from DK Publishing, which retail for $16.99 each.

Eyewitness Books

With over 120 titles focusing on fascinating topics just right for kids ages 8-12, including space exploration, inventions, vikings, weather and the American Revolution (just to name a few!), DK Publishing's legendary Eyewitness Series has grown to become the most trusted nonfiction series written for kids.  The Eyewitness Series has sold over 20 million copies and has been a staple on library, classroom and home bookshelves for over 30 years.

This summer, DK Publishing has unveiled its newest generation of titles that boost the fun factor and enhance the learning experience for even for the most reluctant of readers.  In keeping with focusing on subjects that complement student’s interests and their areas of study, Eyewitness’ newest generation of enhanced titles features new multi-media components like clip art CD's, an interactive Eyewitness website and full-color wall charts.

In the natural world, where every animal is either a predator or prey, discover the incredible array of weapons, tactics, defenses and disguises used by animals in the battle for survival with Eyewitness: Predator.  This amazing book helps children discover the bright colors that warn predators an animal is poisonous, see how bats catch insects in the dark and find out that a predator can become another's meal.

Be an eyewitness to how humans first realized the dream of taking flight, and see the remarkable and stunningly different machines that have whisked us up, up and away with Eyewitness: Flight.  Take the wonderful journey of humans and flight through the ages while discovering why a rotary engine is designed to rotate when in use, see a hot-air balloon being inflated and find out about the construction of a World War I fighter plane.

To celebrate this new generation of Eyewitness titles, DK Publishing is offering my readers a giveaway of two of the latest and most popular titles:  Eyewitness: Flight, a spectacular and informative guide to the fascinating world of aircraft and Eyewitness: Predator, a vivid introduction to the world of lions, tigers, wolves, eagles, sharks and other animals with teeth galore.

Your followers might also be interested in checking out DK's Eyewitness website for fun facts, cool quizzes and a behind the scenes look at how these are made:

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Disclosure:  I received the two Eyewitness Books shown above from DK Publishing in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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