Review - Galison / Mudpuppy Children's Bugs Puzzle Combo

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Galison Mudpuppy Children's Puzzles

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Puzzles are a classic toy which will always fascinate and be enjoyable for children.  My daughter absolutely LOVES doing puzzles, for it fills her with a great sense of achievement when she can finally figure out just how those pieces fit together and she views the completed picture.  Since I am always searching for a great source of quality children's puzzles, I was thrilled when I happened upon Galison/Mudpuppy Press.

They have such a wide selection of puzzles, which all look very stimulating for children.  I had the opportunity to review two of their bug-themed puzzles, the Bugs 2-in-1 Puzzle and the Busy Bugs Floor Puzzle.  Keep reading to find out whether or not they were Riley-approved!

I reviewed the following two puzzles from Galison/Mudpuppy Press:

Bugs 2-in-1 Puzzle, which retails for $10.00

Busy Bugs Floor Puzzle, which retails for $17.00

The first thing I noticed when we received the two puzzles from Galison/Mudpuppy Press, was how brightly colored and interesting they were.  I just love the colors used to create these puzzles and the garden scenery is wonderfully entertaining for small children.  Riley couldn't wait to start putting these puzzles together either and we were tearing into them within minutes of their arrival!

Galison Mudpuppy Children's Puzzles Galison Mudpuppy Children's Puzzles


We first began putting together the Bugs 2-in-1 Puzzle and I was thrilled at how large and THICK these puzzle pieces were!  There is no doubt in my mind that they will be able to withstand the reckless toddler that will be playing with them daily.  What's also really cool about this puzzle was the fact that there is a completely different scene on each side of the pieces.  One scene shows the bugs above ground and the other scene shows what the bugs are doing underground.

I explained to Riley that there were two sides to this puzzle and she immediately got to work trying to put it together.  I liked how the dual-sided puzzle gave you more bang for your buck without having more puzzle pieces to store too.  It also added another layer of difficulty to this puzzle for you had to figure out which side the pieces should be laying on as well as how they should fit together.

Galison Mudpuppy Children's Puzzles Galison Mudpuppy Children's Puzzles


Both of these puzzles are also very eco-friendly, for they are constructed of 90% recycled paper and the minimal packaging is constructed of 70% recycled paper.  These puzzles are also printed with non-toxic, soy based inks.  The floor puzzle was equally entertaining for Riley and she loved the chance to try and figure out how to assemble the 24 large pieces into the giant 2' x 3' picture.

She had more difficulty with this one and so we figured it out together.  We had a great time playing with this floor puzzle and she loved trying to name all of the bugs she saw on it.

Galison Mudpuppy Children's Puzzles
Galison Mudpuppy Children's Puzzles

Riley got a little frustrated when she wasn't able to master this puzzle right away!


If you are looking for a huge selection of high-quality, eco-friendly, fun children's puzzles this Christmas, then I would highly recommend shopping Galison/Mudpuppy Press.  I was very impressed at how well-made and interesting the two puzzles we received were and know that Riley will be enjoying both of these for years to come!

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the Busy Bugs Floor Puzzle and Bugs 2-in-1 Puzzle from Galison/Mudpuppy Press in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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