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In my household, the fall and winter seasons are chocked full of holidays and special occasions where I want to make sure to look great.  First, there's Riley's birthday in October, then my husband's birthday in November, Thanksgiving, our wedding anniversary and Christmas.  You can also sprinkle in several Christmas parties we attend too. Whew!

Of course, around the holiday season, we all fight the urge to pack on a few "Christmas pounds" and so I frequently rely on shapewear to help me look my best when I go out. Connie Elder International has developed several product lines, such as Go2 Bras and Lipo in a Box, which have been featured on Oprah, The View, etc., so I was naturally excited to have the chance to review two of her ladies' undergarments.  Keep reading to find out my thoughts on these!

I reviewed the following two products from Connie Elder International:

Vivien Convertible Go2 Bra, which retails for $39.00

Lipo in a Box Thong Bodysuit with Underwire, which retails for $75.00

I was very excited to try out the Lipo in a Box Thong Bodysuit with Underwire for I had an upcoming "date night" with my husband for his 35th birthday and had planned on wearing a brand new dress I bought specifically for the occasion.  I was hoping that this bodysuit would help "the girls" look a little lifted and my stomach look a little flatter, but I have to admit that I didn't see the results I thought I would while wearing this.

Lipo in a Box Thong Bodysuit with Underwire

First, I was surprised that there wasn't any specially woven panels in this bodysuit which would help hold your tummy and possibly love handles in.  This bodysuit was comprised of the same material throughout and to me simply resembled a very tight bathing suit.  When I put it on, I wasn't happy with what I saw for my stomach still poked out and although I didn't feel as flabby in this region, I definitely didn't feel like I was "held together" here at all.

I also didn't like the bra portion of this bodysuit for it did nothing to showcase my chest.  I didn't notice any lifting action and since the material in the bra area of the bodysuit was the same as the lower portion of the shapewear, I actually felt that my chest looked a little smaller.  When you're only a B cup like I am, smaller is NOT what you're looking for!  :)  I also didn't like that the material here was thin enough for my nipples to show through.  I always equate nipples showing with looking trashy, so this was the last thing I wanted to have happen in my new dress for our night out!

Probably the weirdest feature of the Lipo in a Box Thong Bodysuit with Underwire is that there is no good way to go to the bathroom in it!  I just assumed that this bodysuit would have a snapped crotch so that you could easily use the restroom, but unfortunately, it is just like a bathing suit without any easy way to use the restroom while wearing it.

I shudder to think that you are actually supposed to use the "pull to the side" method and have to hold the crotch out and away from you while trying not to pee on it.  The only other option would be to completely pull it down, but in order for that to happen, I would actually have to take my dress OFF, which is definitely not going to be happening in any bathroom stall.

As much as I was really looking forward to wearing this shapewear under my new dress for our big night on the town, I have to admit that I didn't.  I simply didn't like the overall design of this bodysuit and the way I appeared while wearing it.  I also didn't want to design a MacGyver-like approach to trying to use the bathroom while I was in it either. 

Vivien Convertible Go2 Bra

I am happy to report that my findings for the Vivien Convertible Go2 Bra were better.  This bra was beautiful and I loved the tuxedo look to it due to the satin-trimmed border on top.  I also liked the underwire, which helped to add some lift, yet was still extremely comfortable to wear.  The fact that this bra comes in a taupe color means that it will be very versatile under many different styles and colors of clothing and the brushed fleece lining was soft against your skin.

Of course, the best feature of the Vivien Convertible Go2 Bra is that it can be worn three different ways:  criss-cross, halter and wide-set.  Now, this beautiful bra can be the one "Go2" bra in your dresser drawer for there is almost no garment it won't go with!

I still noticed that with the Vivien Convertible Go2 Bra, my nipples showed through, unlike the picture of the model wearing it above.  The picture from their website made me think that the material in the cup area would be thicker, but it was still thin enough to show my nipples, which I didn't care for.  This is still a very well-made and beautiful bra though and I would definitely recommend giving more of their selections a try in order to look your best for the upcoming holiday season.

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure: I received the Lipo in a Box Thong Bodysuit with Underwire and Vivien Convertible Go2 Bra from Connie Elder International in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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