Review - Hasbro BOP IT! XT ~ Get Your Reflexes Ready for Some Fast-Action Fun

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Hasbro GamesI've always been a big fan of board games, card games and the like, so Hasbro is already a household name with my family.  Recently, I had the chance to review one of their most addictive gaming creations to date, called BOP IT! XT.

The BOP IT! XT is a handheld electronic game which commands you to do one of six easy tasks and you must comply...very quickly!  Now, Hasbro has updated the BOP IT! XT with even more ways to play so it's perfect for the entire family.  Keep reading to learn more about the newest game you just might not be able to put down!

I reviewed the following from Hasbro Games:

BOP IT! XT which retails for $24.99, but is currently on sale for $21.50 with FREE SHIPPING

STAR WARS Fighter Pods - Jedi Starfighter Pack, which retails for $9.99

Hasbro Games BOP IT! XT Hasbro Games BOP IT! XT

Get ready to react fast! Turn on the BOP IT! XT game unit and get ready to Bop, Pull, Twist, Flick, Spin and Shake your way to victory.  Choose to play alone or invite your friends for a game of Party Bop—you’ll all have to use your knees, elbows, and hips to win! The better you get, the more skill levels you unlock, so think fast and be the BOP IT! XT master! 

  • Solo Game:  As with the classic edition, in random order, the game will command you "Bop It", "Pull It" and "Twist It", in addition to the new features "Flick It", "Spin It" and "Shake It".
  • Pass It Game:  This game is played the same as in solo mode, with the added feature of passing the game to another player.
  • Party Mode:  Keep up with the BOP-IT! XT commands and use your whole body to play.  As a body part is called out, such as an elbow or knee, "Bop" the unit on the corresponding body part to successfully complete the round.
  • One on One:  This all-new playing mode divides the game unit into two sides, and pits players against each other.  Each player is responsible for executing two commands as they race to "Bop It!"

If you'd like to try a fast-paced game that is like "follow the leader" or "Simon says", then I highly recommend trying BOP IT! XT from Hasbro Games.  This game is extremely portable and can be played either solo or party style, for maximum fun, no matter the situation.  It would also make a terrific gift for any teen or tween, as well as an excellent addition to family game night!

Hasbro Games STAR WARS Fighter Pods

If your child is a fan of STAR WARS, then they will be over the moon (or the galaxy) with the new STAR WARS Fighter Pods from Hasbro.  The iconic STAR WARS characters get a collectible new gaming twist, as players use Fighter pods to knock down as many figures as possible.  Spin, Launch or Roll your Pod into battle...even connect your Pods together or place figures on top or inside of them for extra "power"!

More than 100 STAR WARS Fighter Pods figures are available in a unique new style from all six STAR WARS films and The Clone Wars animated series.  Collect them, set them up and knock them down in head-to-head battling play.  Let the force and the Fighter Pods be with you!

More Ways to Bop It!


4 Star Product Review
Disclosure: I received the BOP IT! XT and STAR WARS Fighter Pods from Hasbro Games in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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