Review - Lightspeed Tents Quick Draw 3-Walled Sun Shelter

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Lightspeed TentsRight now, we're smack dab in the middle of prime outside time!  With school out, you're probably busy enjoying the fresh air and sunshine with your family at the park or the beach, but soon all of that will change.  Once school's back in session, the cheerleader phase kicks in.

There will be plenty of football games, soccer practices and other outdoor fun to keep us entertained.  Of course, you can maximize those good times by being comfortable and protected from the sun and wind with a portable sun shelter.  Lightspeed Tents make an extremely user-friendly model of shelter which can be assembled by just one person with just one quick tug.  I had the chance to review this 3-walled sun shelter.  Keep reading to learn more!

I reviewed the Quick Draw Sun Shelter in Blue/Silverfrom Lightspeed Tents, which retails for $64.99 with FREE SHIPPING.

Lightspeed Tents Quick Draw Sun Shelter Lightspeed Tents Quick Draw Sun Shelter


The Lightspeed Tents Quick Draw Sun Shelter is a 3-walled portable tent which can be assembled and torn down quickly and efficiently.  This one pull assembly is thanks to the unique and innovative lightspeed pole system which allows you to tug on just one central cord and watch in amazement as the entire shelter pops to life.

The Quick Draw Sun Shelter is composed of polyester material with mesh panels on each side for viewing what's going on around you.  It comes wrapped up inside of a tote with shoulder strap and even contains ground spikes in its own mini tote.  To assemble this shelter, simply unbuckle the black strap which keeps the tent rolled up, and lay the unassembled shelter flat on the ground.

Lightspeed Tents Quick Draw Sun Shelter Lightspeed Tents Quick Draw Sun Shelter


While standing behind it, grab the central pull cord and begin pulling on this cord.  There is a small knot in the cord and you must pull until the knot clicks into the pole assembly on top of the shelter.  Once this happens, your shelter has locked itself into place.  I liked tying a quick slipknot on top of this assembly, just to make sure that the cord didn't accidentally pop back down.

I thought that the Quick Draw Sun Shelter was definitely roomy for one person with a beach chair, because there was plenty of space to sit all the way inside.  If you have two people without beach chairs, you still have plenty of room to share, but if both people have beach chairs, you will need to move those out a bit so that you are sitting more on the edge of the sun shelter.  What's great about this configuration though, is that there is then plenty of room to store an ice chest, beach toys, towels and other belongings inside of the tent.

Lightspeed Tents Quick Draw Sun Shelter Lightspeed Tents Quick Draw Sun Shelter


I love how lightweight the Quick Draw Sun Shelter is, weighing in at only 4 pounds!  Now you can easily sling this portable tent over your shoulder and be instantly prepared for any outdoor adventure to come.  Breaking down this shelter was a snap too and after only a few attempts at both setting it up and packing it away, I was an immediate pro!

With Riley being a toddler, I know that Michael and I will get years and years of use from the Quick Draw Sun Shelter from Lightspeed Tents.  If your family regularly enjoys the great outdoors too, then I highly recommend purchasing this top-quality shelter!

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the Quick Draw Sun Shelter in Blue/Silver from Lightspeed Tents in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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