Review - Loop Attachment Silicone Watchband for the iPod nano 6G

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Loop Attachment Co.Being the total gadget freak that I am, I love knowing about all of the brand new ways to tune in electronically.  Even though I already own several iPods of various generations, I've been wanting one of the new iPod nano 6th generation models.  Why?  Well, I must admit that the cool accessories for this iPod are completely to blame.

You see, I recently learned of an innovative way to wear the iPod nano like a watch from a company called Loop Attachment.  They've designed an extremely neat way to actually wear your iPod nano like a watch with their LOOP Nano Silicone Watchbands.  Keep reading to learn more about the newest must-have for any iPod nano 6G owner!

I reviewed the Green LOOP Nano Silicone Watchband from Loop Attachment, which retails for $19.99.

Loop Attachment LOOP Nano Silicone Watchbands

The LOOP Nano collection from Loop Attachment is a group of soft, silicone banded watches which allow you to WEAR your iPod nano (6th generation) just like a watch!  This collection comes in 6 brilliant colors sure to match almost any outfit in your closet.  I received the Green LOOP Nano watchband and was impressed by the quality of the one-piece silicone band and the sturdy stainless steel buckle.

Loop Attachment Green LOOP Nano Silicone Watchband

The style of the watch is simple enough and would look equally well on either a man or a woman.  Personally, I love chunky watches and didn't mind the wider watch band of the LOOP Nano.

What I love about this wrist watch is how common sense and functionality went into its design.  You see, none of the iPod's ports or buttons are blocked by the wrist band itself, allowing you to use your headphones, charge the iPod, etc., all while staying connected to the watch band.  This is truly ingenious and makes the LOOP Nano extremely user-friendly and practical.  Want to see a detailed demonstration of just how quick and easy your iPod nano 6G can be transformed into a watch with the LOOP Nano silicone watchband?  Just give the video below a peek:


If you or someone you love currently has the new iPod nano 6G, then I would highly recommend ramping up its coolness factor big time with a LOOP Nano Silicone Watchband from Loop Attachment.  I never thought that a $20 watch band would make me want to go out and buy a $150+ iPod, but I can honestly say that the great design and styling of the LOOP Nano definitely does!

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the Green LOOP Nano Silicone Watchband from Loop Attachment in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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