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Mamas & PapasBabies and toddlers are magical little people, in my opinion.  They have such an innate curiosity as well as a special gift of looking at the world as though it were brand new...because it is to them.  Children at this age are awe-inspired by everything and awe-inspiring because of it.  They enjoy the simplest of things, but they also giggle with glee at the discovery of something else brand new.

Mamas & Papas designs a wide variety of amazing toys which will both satisfy and delight our special little people.  I recently had the opportunity to review one of the neatest rocking animals I've ever seen and can't wait to introduce you to George Giraffe himself.  Keep reading to learn more!

I reviewed the George Giraffe Rocking Animal from Mamas & Papas which retails for $139.99, but is currently on sale for $129.99 with FREE SHIPPING at both Toys "R" Us and FAO Schwartz.

Mamas & Papas George Giraffe Rocking Animal Mamas & Papas George Giraffe Rocking Animal

George Giraffe Rocking Animal from Mamas & Papas isn't your ordinary rocking toy.  With George, there's literally a surprise around every corner coupled with plenty of bright colors, different textures and patterns to really spark the interest of your little one.  First, I have to comment on just how beautiful and well-made this rocking animal is.  The stitching and craftsmanship of this toy is flawless and it is evident right away just how much love and care went into the design of this particular toy.

Next, your baby and toddler will be blown away by the amazing interactive qualities of George Giraffe.  Once he is supplied with 3 "AA" batteries (which are located inside a battery case within a small Velcro pouch on his underside), George will automatically sing songs to your child whenever he is rocked.  There are also three buttons on the back of this giraffe's head which your child will fully discover.

Mamas & Papas George Giraffe Rocking Animal

There are several non-battery-activated ways George can stimulate and amaze too, such as his springy tail with a rattle inside, and the colorful ribbon bits that outline his saddle.  When my daughter was a baby, we had a burp cloth that contained these colorful ribbon bits around the border and she was in love with it!  She would play and play with that cloth just like it was a toy, for she was fascinated with those ribbons.  I have a feeling that your little one will be just as enamored with George's saddle as my daughter was with her burp cloth thanks to those cute and colorful ribbons.

The coolest feature though is the way that your child will be able to "feed" George!  Yes, that's right.  George Giraffe Rocking Animal from Mamas & Papas comes complete with four soft interactive toys that store conveniently in the attached brown pouch that hangs around his neck.  When your child sticks one of these toys inside George's mouth, he will react appropriately by telling a story or singing a song about that particular object.

I was simply blown away by this feature and can almost hear the squeals and giggles of delight from my daughter if she would have had George to play with when she was a baby.

Mamas & Papas George Giraffe Rocking Animal

What I also know for sure is that George is going to bring years of fun and enjoyment to my best friend's son.  He hasn't come into this world just yet, but I already feel like he'll have an amazing best friend just waiting for him to get old enough to play with.  If you are searching for an extra special toy for a baby or toddler ages 9 months old and up, then by all means, thrill them beyond words with the George Giraffe Rocking Animal from Mamas & Papas!

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Disclosure: I received the George Giraffe Rocking Animal from Mamas & Papas in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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