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Metamorphic Toys Inc.When I was a little girl, I can remember being so excited to actually receive something in the mail.  Back before there was email, text messaging and standard shipping times of just a few business days, there was the dreaded "please wait 6-8 weeks for delivery".  So when something (anything) finally arrived in the mail for me, it was cause to celebrate.

I guess some things never change, for my daughter still lights up like a Christmas tree when she receives a book, magazine or sheet of stickers in the mail.  We also play "imaginary post office" quite often where we write letters or draw pictures and then "mail" them to each other by hiding them in certain places around the room.

Metamorphic Toys has invented an eco-friendly way for your child to express themselves and utilize their imagination.  The Everythingland Mailbox can be decorated in absolutely any way possible and then can be used as an at-home post office so that the creative play can continue.  Keep reading to learn more!

I reviewed the Everythingland Mailbox and Everythingland Eco-Art U-Stick'ems from Metamorphic Toys, which retail for $19.95 and $6.49, respectively on

Metamorphic Toys Everythingland Mailbox

Metamorphic Toys' founder Dave Berglund is an artist with 20+ years in product design, the last ten for a commercial playground company, and plenty of time in the trenches as a stay-at-home-dad for his daughter, his inspiration and chief toy tester.  Dave started making toys out of corrugated cardboard, a highly flexible and sturdy material that he had used to create many models and prototypes in his design experience.

Metamorphic Toys Everythingland MailboxIntrigued by how his daughter and her friends related to the toys, Dave realized that children have an affinity for the feel, warmth and flexibility of cardboard made from natural fibers. The idea that they can decorate it in so many ways gives them an even greater sense of ownership and joy.

An avid gardener and nature lover, Dave had always been interested in the environment, but fatherhood made him even more acutely aware of environmental and health issues.  He is putting that passion to work designing recycled and recyclable creativity-based toys kids and parents alike can feel good about.

The Everythingland Mailbox is an art project and toy all rolled into one. Kids are free to transform it into something personal. A child may take weeks to decorate the mailbox or a group of kids can decorate it in one afternoon. A parent and child may work together on their special creation, or an especially crafty adult might decorate a mailbox themselves for their special child.

When the art project is complete, your child's imagination can then really take off. The Everythingland Mailbox is a great prop for pretend play or daily family communications.

Metamorphic Toys Everythingland MailboxThis eco-friendly toy mailbox stands 2' tall, once assembled, and is constructed from very sturdy 270# (44ECT) corrugated cardboard.  It's designed for children ages 2 to 8 years old and is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.  The solid white surface of the mailbox makes it the perfect palette for coloring, painting and/or decorating with glued-on adornments.

The Everythingland Eco-Art U-Stick'ems offer eight 8.5" x 11" sheets made from white 100# tag stock.  These pages contain a total of thirty one unique drawings of plants and animals for kids to color and glue to art projects.  They work well in conjunction with the Everythingland Mailbox or can be added to any one of a million different craft projects.

These Eco-Art U-Stick'ems are different from traditional stickers in that they don't have adhesive on the back.  They are pre-cut, so you don't have to worry about cutting around each U-Stick'em, but you will need to use your own craft glue to adhere them.

Why don't the U-Stick'ems contain adhesive?  Because the silicone-coated backing sheet is non-recyclable and non-biodegradable.  There's even a recipe for eco-friendly paste included with the Eco-Art U-Stick'em packet for 100% green fun!

Riley couldn't have been more excited to receive the Everythingland Mailbox and is in the process of decorating hers.  It's so cute because she's taking great care to do it just right.  We've decided to make a super-duper large collage with pictures that she likes from her various children's magazines.  She's carefully poring through these pictures, cutting them out so gingerly and then deciding exactly where they should be placed.  I know we'll have a true masterpiece on our hands when the creative process is complete.

After that, I plan on putting her special mailbox outside her bedroom door and surprising her with colorful drawings, notes, sweet treats, flowers and even letters from her special elf from time to time.  Now she doesn't have to wait for the few times a month she actually receives postal mail.  Thanks to the Everythingland Mailbox from Metamorphic Toys, every day can be a special mail day!

Eco-Friendly Fun from Metamorphic Toys:

4 Star Product Review
Disclosure:  I received the Everythingland Mailbox and Eco-Art U-Stick'ems from Metamorphic Toys in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
I'm a former 7th grade Science teacher turned stay-at-home mom that lives in Houston, Texas. I am married to my college sweetheart and have a beautiful daughter named Riley, who definitely keeps me on my toes! I am also involved in starting a small business which would both manufacture and sell an invention that I've patented, called Toothpaste 2 Go. I love interacting with my readers and hope to learn as much about you as you learn about me!

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32 Responses to Metamorphic Toys Everythingland Mailbox & Eco-Art U-Stick’ems Kit

    susan Says:


    My little one would probably make it look like our mailbox.

    Elsie Says:


    She would like to see her name, and maybe street addtress, and then decorate it like a fancy birdhouse maybe..we love to watch the birds!
    How exciting and fun, what a perfect project, that continues to be worhtwhile with learning and playing!

    Shana Says:


    I think my great nephew would decorate it with construction equipment!

    Janice Crespo Says:


    I can see her coloring it with wild colors and then putting the stickers over the colors!

    Nury Says:


    My daughter’s imagination is overly creative and colorful, I can see how she’ll decorate this mailbox with all kinds of colors and shapes.

    Davis Says:


    I can see my kids fighting over decorating this :) So, one side woudl be my daughters and one side would be my sons, lots of colors and probably pretty ecclectic!

    Michelle H. Says:


    It depends on whether I make this a group project with more than one kid, or I allow one child to do the decorating. The girls would make it girlie if one or all of them were in charge.

    brooke t Says:



    Stephanie Says:


    My daughter would probably decorate it scientifically, she loves science, oh and purple because its her favorite color!

    Nancy B Says:


    My daughter would decorate so it’s pink and sparkly

    ang Says:


    this is super cute! my son loves tractors, especially john deere, so i think he’d decorate it with green and yellow colors, and lots of tractor stickers!

    Teh Doll Says:


    Flowers and smiley faces.

    Seyma Shabbir Says:


    Something with bugs, dinosaurs or dragons

    Kris I. Says:


    She would decorate it pink with cats!

    Jammie Says:


    she would make it hello kitty looking.

    Cassandra Eastman Says:


    My son is only 3 so it’d be a lot of scribbles, probably mostly blue since that’s his favorite color! He loves playing “mail man” !

    Tracie Brown Says:


    anything with flowers and bugs!

    Adina H. Says:


    Stickers and drawings with markers and/or crayons

    phyloyd Says:


    The boys (my grandsons) would decorate the mailbox with red, white. and blue.

    Richard Morris Says:


    IO think she would include lots of flowers!

    A.Smith Says:


    I think she would paint penguins and fish on it, lol

    Victoria S Says:


    I think she would do owls and flowers, just like her room!

    tam childers Says:


    he would draw dogs or horses

    Maryse B. Says:


    with stars and moons

    Heather S Says:


    I’m sure my son will draw supehero related stuff on it!

    Missy L Says:


    I think my kids would enjoy painting it

    Heidi Daily Says:


    Think my daughter would decorate it with a lot of pink, purple, and yellow, her favorite colors

    Jaime Says:


    My daughter would decorate with horses!

    Jaime Says:


    My daughter would decorate with horses!

    Teresa Thompson Says:


    She would decorate it like the forest filled with dinosaurs.

    Lily Kwan Says:


    I think the Everythingland Mailbox from Metamorphic Toys would be decorated with unicorns.

    Nicholle Says:


    I think they’d decorate it with spaceships, stars, and planets

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