Review - My Pal for Tennis Girl or Boy 18" Doll from LorettaRose LLC

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LorettaRose LLCWhat young child doesn't love dolls?  Whether a girl or a boy, all children love to play with dolls in one form or another.  Dolls offer a wonderful escape for children's imaginations to run wild.  They get to practice valuable social skills as well as mimic the actions of adults in a safe and protected way while interacting with dolls.

Riley has several dolls, but they have all been smaller action figure type dolls or plush dolls up to this point.  Now that she's almost three and is showing more care and tenderness with the things she has, I thought it was time to let her have her first "big girl's doll".

My Sibling and My Pal Dolls are beautiful 18" dolls which illustrate the similarities and differences in us all as well as provide much-needed opportunities for those with disabilities.  Riley and I had the chance to review the My Pal for Tennis Girl 18" Doll.  Keep reading to learn more!

I reviewed the My Pal for Tennis Girl 18" Doll from LorettaRose LLC, which retails for $39.99.

My Pal for Tennis Girl 18" Doll from LorettaRose LLC My Pal for Tennis Boy 18" Doll from LorettaRose LLC


LorettaRose, LLC, a family-owned company, was established to produce My Sibling dolls, and to advocate for lifelong services for individuals with developmental disabilities.  The company recognizes that there are very few employment options available to teens and adults with special needs.

To help bridge this gap, LorettaRose, LLC offers these individuals, through the My Sibling/My Pal Work Experience Program, an opportunity to participate in the assembly and packaging of its products.  Through this program, they have developed relationships with public and private schools and adult programs that want real job experiences for their students and adult workers.

My Pal for My School Boy 18" Doll from LorettaRose LLC My Pal for My School Girl 18" Doll from LorettaRose LLC


The My Pal Dolls are high quality 18" dolls that each come with a booklet so that your child can write their own story.  These dolls are known as the "friends for any reason, any season" because there are so many characters available that any child can identify with.  For instance, there are My Pal Dolls for Peace, Patriotism, Going Green, Autism Awareness, Christmas, Hanukkah, Baseball, Tennis and the like.

Each well-made 18" doll comes complete with rooted hair, a soft body with poseable plastic head, arms and legs, and perfectly detailed clothing and shoes.  I had the opportunity to review the My Pal for Tennis Girl 18" Doll and was pleasantly surprised at the craftsmanship and lifelike qualities of this doll.  The My Pal for Tennis Girl had long brown hair adorned with a multicolored ribbon, brown blinking eyes and darker skin.

Although the doll I received was gorgeous, I was a little disappointed that the My Pal for Tennis Doll I received didn't match the description on the website.  I thought that I would be receiving a doll which had blonde hair and blue eyes, like my daughter.  Thankfully, it didn't make any difference to Riley.  She still loved playing with her new My Pal for Tennis Doll.

I loved the attention to detail that was shown with this doll's clothing.  The My Pal for Tennis Girl 18" Doll had a pink knitted skirt, sleeveless white shirt with pink ribbon accents around both the neckline and sleeves and tiny white lace up tennis shoes with two pink stripes on the sides.  What really tickled me, and Riley too, was that this doll was even wearing white socks and floral-patterned panties!

If you are searching for a delightful doll that your child will identify and bond with, as well as one who is helping make the lives of teens and adults with disabilities more prosperous, then I highly recommend purchasing a My Sibling or My Pal doll from LorettaRose, LLC.  Encourage your children to be themselves and have fun doing it with their new My Pal or My Sibling Doll!

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the My Pal for Tennis Girl 18" Doll from LorettaRose LLC in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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