Review - Optari Backpack and Mini Fobbz ~ The Coolest Pack at School

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OptariWe all like to set ourselves apart from the crowd from time to time.  Why look exactly like everyone else, when you can personalize your belongings to reflect your own style?  I can distinctly remember back when I was in college and it seemed that absolutely EVERYONE had the exact same backpack in one of three different shades.  The experience sort of reminded me of the Stepford Wives.

Well, I've recently discovered a company that breaks the boring backpack mold and offers endless ways to create a one-of-a-kind pack that is as unique and original as you are.  Let me introduce you to the Optari Backpack!

I reviewed the following items from Optari:

Optari Backpack in Blue, which retails for $32.00

Ballet Shoes Fobbz, which retails for $5.00

Owl Mini Fobbz, which retails for $3.00

Butterfly Mini Fobbz, which retails for $3.00

Ladybug Mini Fobbz, which retails for $3.00


Destined to be the coolest pack at school, the Optari backpack features two large internal compartments, one large internal pocket, pens pockets, two side net pockets, and a front panel for collecting the new Mini Fobbz or Standard Fobbz collections.   It's available in six colors and sized comfortably at 6 x 13 x 17 inches.  There are 21 holes on the front panel of the Optari backpack, so you can really go crazy personalizing it.  They even have some new Christmas-themed Standard Fobbz that have been added for the holidays.

This is a fun and unique way to design a backpack so that you can really set yourself apart from the crowd.  Optari also carries other colorful, customizable bags, such as the Sol Tote, so that you can always travel in style.  Each Fobbz has a sturdy button on its backside which only needs to be pushed with a little force into the corresponding hole on your Optari backpack or tote.

They are easy to pop in and out so that you can switch these Fobbz around if you choose or trade with your friends, but they're definitely secured onto the pack well enough so that you won't have to worry about the Fobbz falling off.

Optari Blue Backpack with Standard/Mini Fobbz Optari Blue Backpack with Standard/Mini Fobbz
Optari Blue Backpack with Standard/Mini Fobbz Optari Blue Backpack with Standard/Mini Fobbz

If your child needs a new pack to take to Grandma's or for their next sleepover, or maybe they need a little back-to-school pick-me-up after the holiday break, then I highly recommend supplying them with a few unique Fobbz and an Optari backpack.  I would have loved to sport one of these around when I was in college so as to differentiate myself from the sea of boring backpacks that surrounded me.  Take a break from boring with Optari!

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the Optari Blue Backpack and Fobbz from Optari in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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