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Dane-ElecThe back-to-school shopping season is almost upon us, which has me reflecting back to the days of my own school supply needs when I was a kid.  Things sure have changed since then.  Big Chief writing tablets have been replaced by handwriting apps and husky pencils by tablet styluses.

Although the requirements for today's student might look a little different, one thing remains the same...flashy and cool always rule!  No one wants the hum-drum basic supplies, when they can have neat colors and characters instead.  That's where Dane-Elec comes in.  Their brand new collection of USB Drives are just perfect for our computer-savvy students.  Keep reading to learn more about the hottest portable storage devices for this back-to-school season.

I reviewed the Peace LifeBytes 8GB USB Drive from Dane-Elec which retails for $13.49.

Dane-Elec LifeBytes 8GB USB Drive

Go back to school in style with Dane-Elec's new USB drives for kids, teens and young adults, featuring fun colors and designs. Dane-Elec's ColorBytes, ShareBytes and LifeBytes are available in three designs each, specific to the age groups they are designed for: ColorBytes for kids age 9 to 12 years old; ShareBytes for teens 13 to 17 years old; and LifeBytes for young adults.

"School success and style can go hand-in-hand with our new USB drives," said Sherry Chapman, Dane-Elec director of marketing. "Featuring unique designs that appeal to each age group, they combine functionality and fun at a price that parents will love. We are thrilled to bring the drives to retail and especially excited to launch our new ShareBytes Facebook page and website for back-to-school."


Featuring fun, bright, engaging colors, ColorBytes are small in size to accommodate smaller, less nimble fingers of kids 9 through 12 years old. A built-in clip keeps each USB drive close at hand on a backpack or clothing. Or, the drive can be easily attached to a lanyard using the opening at the top of the drive. ColorBytes are available in value packs carrying two 4 gigabyte (GB) drives with a Lil' Monsters, Circa-Dot or Ink Splat design.

Dane-Elec Peace LifeBytes 8GB USB DriveSHAREBYTES for Teens

Dane-Elec ShareBytes are designed for sharing, with an interlocking 'hugs' design that gives them instant personality. Teens can give one to a friend or keep both for themselves. Featuring double-sided graphics in three unique designs -- X-Ray, Monsters, and Angel & Devil -- teens can transport their files in style! The USB drives can be easily carried to and from school in a pocket, backpack, or attached to a lanyard. ShareBytes are available in value packs of two 4GB drives.

LIFEBYTES for Young Adults

The ultra-functional LifeBytes USB drives will catch the eyes of any college student. Bold graphics in three designs -- Peace, Tribal, and Tattoo -- bring these drives to life. A compact form with a sleek sliding USB lets them fit easily into pockets or backpacks. As with the other two drives, a lanyard may be easily attached. LifeBytes are available in single 8GB packs.

Dane-Elec's ColorBytes, ShareBytes and LifeBytes are available now at national retailers including Target, OfficeMax, Staples and The Source for only $12.99 each.  They also feature a five-year warranty from Dane-Elec.

More USB Storage Drives from Dane-Elec:


4 Star Product Review
Disclosure:  I received the LifeBytes 8GB USB Drive from Dane-Elec in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
I'm a former 7th grade Science teacher turned stay-at-home mom that lives in Houston, Texas. I am married to my college sweetheart and have a beautiful daughter named Riley, who definitely keeps me on my toes! I am also involved in starting a small business which would both manufacture and sell an invention that I've patented, called Toothpaste 2 Go. I love interacting with my readers and hope to learn as much about you as you learn about me!

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36 Responses to Peace LifeBytes 8GB USB Drive from Dane-Elec ~ Storage Made Stylish

    stacey dempsey Says:



      stacey dempsey Says:


      oh that sounds wierd but my kids have to print out projects all the time lol

        Melissa Says:


        I know what you mean, Stacey…we were looking at different kindergartens for my daughter recently and one of the required school supplies was a laptop! Are you kidding me? I’ve only had a laptop for two years now! LOL!

    Claire Says:


    The internet! It’s so easy to look stuff up in the dictionary now :)

    Jennifer Rogers Says:


    Nike’s or calculators in a classroom!

    TawndaM Says:


    I’d say printers… but I DID have one near the end of HS…
    For me, though… it was FORBIDDEN by the school to use for school assignments… CHEATING! … & now, it’s a requirement… go figure… ☺

    Shana Says:


    I know there were calculators, but not laptops & tablets or smart phones

    Nury Says:



    mell Says:


    laptops and printers

    Michelle H. Says:


    A computer with internet access.

    Ki Ip Says:


    obviously the usb. usbs are necessary now for transferring and sharing between computers.

    Janette Says:


    yoga mat – kindergarden kids in my area are required to have one for rest time.

    Kris I. Says:


    computers and printers

    Jennifer Rote Says:


    Computers weren’t around.

    LaceyL (DailyWoman) Says:


    The internet, you need the internet for school these days and it did not exist when I was in school. (wish it did)

    amy marantino Says:


    the ipad

    melina r Says:


    hand sanitizer and bleach wipes, back then it was wash your hands and clean up with paper napkins/towels.

    Doris Calvert Says:


    haha all we had was binders, scribblers, pens, crayons and the big thing was a geometry set, no computer or backpack nada:)

    Janice Crespo Says:


    Computer :) LOL

    Ellen C. Says:


    The backpacks with wheels. I would have loved to have had one of those. Thanks!

    Valerie Theberge Says:


    Computer :)

    Trudy Gossamer Says:


    Definitely a laptop!

    Victoria S Says:



    Jammie Says:


    high tech graphic calculators.

    Jaime Says:


    Blank DVDs!

    Tammy Hoffa Says:


    flash drives were not even invented when I went to school

    Jennifer Says:


    Flash drives, I remember storing school projects on floppy disks

    christine jessamine Says:


    a laptop!

    Jennifer L Says:


    Flash Drives…I remember needing Floppy Discs.

    Kat E. Says:


    Cell phones – I think they’re a must have now for safety!

    Michelle C Says:


    Most of the electronics didn’t exist! All I needed was a calculator, not a laptop, printer, thumb drive, iPad, etc! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

    SueSueper Says:


    Computers! Cell Phones! many many things. :-)

    Stacey A Smith Says:



    Valerie Says:


    I think glue sticks – I don’t remember ever seeing those when I was in elementary school. Am I dating myself? :)

    Heather R Says:


    Hand sanitizer

    Dane-Elec Says:


    Special Back to School offer on the complete line of ShareBytes, LifeBytes, ColorBytes and Marvel USB Drives: Buy 2 USB Drives and Get 1 Free (value of FREE drive cannot be greater than $13.49). Limited time offer ends September 15th 2012.

    Use promo code: MOMSB2S.

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