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If there's one thing little girls seem to love, it's puppies!  I know that my daughter just can't seem to get enough "woof, woofs", as she calls them.  Well Made Toy Manufacturing Corporation has found a way to combine two cute concepts, cupcakes and puppies, into one unique stuffed animal...PetCakes!  I had the fortunate opportunity to review all four of these cuddly little guys with Riley.  Keep reading to find out more!

I reviewed the following PetCakes from Well Made Toy Manufacturing Corporation:

Poodle - Coco Coconut

Mutt - Randy Candy

Shar Pei - Blueberry Buddy

Beagle - Twinkle Sprinkles

PetCakes are a hybrid stuffed animal combining cute puppies with cupcake cups, frosting hats and even cherries on top.  These cute little critters sit inside their cupcake cups and then can be taken out of their sitting places with the quick snip of a string. 


Personally, I have to admit that while these puppies are very adorable, there isn't much more to them than a cute stuffed animal sitting inside a cupcake cup.  I was very curious to see how my daughter, Riley, would react to them, because maybe she would see more from the PetCakes than I did.  I gave all four of the PetCakes to Riley and she immediately seemed thrilled to receive them!


Then, she started taking the puppies out of their cups and inspecting each of them carefully.  The one thing that disappointed her was that three of the four pups didn't have tails.  If there's one thing Riley thinks is cute, it's puppies' tails.  I didn't really understand why three of these dogs were lacking tails either, but maybe it was because they wouldn't fit well inside the cupcake cup if they still had them attached.  Riley didn't seem too interested in the PetCakes five minutes later and only sporadically played with them throughout the day.


If you have a girl on your shopping list this holiday season who absolutely loves puppies and is in need of a few more stuffed animals, then I would recommend buying PetCakes for her.  Unfortunately, Riley didn't seem to find much interest in these toys, but that could also be that she was just a little too young to fully appreciate them.  PetCakes are very cute and economical toys and beginning in 2011, there will even be a complete forest creatures set moving into the PetCakes neighborhood!

Product Review 3 Stars
Disclosure:  I received all four PetCakes Puppies from Well Made Toy Manufacturing Corporation in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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