Review - Piggy Paint Nail Polish Makes the Perfect Stocking Stuffer

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Piggy Paint

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For the last few weeks, my daughter Riley has been all about playing "This Little Piggy Went to Market" with her toes.  Since she was having us pay all of this extra attention to her little piggies, I thought that she'd really enjoy having me paint her toenails as well.  Now, she's only 2 years old, so I didn't want to use just any nail polish.

It had to dry really fast (because you know toddlers can't stay still for very long) and I wanted it to be non-toxic, just in case she decided to put those little painted piggies in her mouth!  Fortunately, there is such a product out there and its name is Piggy Paint.

I reviewed the Forever Fancy Nail Polish and Nail Polish Remover from Piggy Paint, which retail for $8.99 each.

In order to facilitate my review, Piggy Paint sent me a bottle of Forever Fancy nail polish and a bottle of their all-natural nail polish remover.  I really like the shimmery pink color and since Riley does tend to wear a lot of pink outfits, I thought this would match perfectly!

I shook up the nail polish really well and the first thing I noticed when I took off the top was that there wasn't any smell to the polish.  I guess I'm used to my nail polish which has a very strong chemical smell to it and even makes my hands smell like it for several hours after I paint my nails.  This wasn't the case though with Piggy Paint.

Piggy Paint

I put Riley in my lap and began painting her big toe.  She was so curious about what I was doing and that her nails were turning colors right before her eyes, that she didn't even squirm very much or try to run away.  I talked to her very softly while I painted her nails and she stayed still.  I blew on her toes several times after I was finished.  This also kept her still, because she didn't know what the heck I was doing!

After about a minute and a half, I let her down to play again.  She was walking on our beige carpet, which I was expecting to be speckled with pink at any minute, but it wasn't!  Piggy Paint really did dry in 60 seconds!  Riley began grabbing her toes to inspect what I had done and the nail polish didn't get all over her either!  SUCCESS!  This was a very fun thing to do with her and it turned out perfectly!

Pretty piggies and no mess or tears!  The nail polish also dried to a hard finish and didn't chip either, so her little toes still looked beautiful even after hours of playing in her bare feet.

Piggy Paint

I think that all mommies of little girls should do things like this from time to time with their daughters!  It was a very fun experience and I felt like Riley and I had some quality "girl time" by painting her toes.  When she gets a little older, I'll add her fingernails to the list as well as her toes and maybe then, I'll even let her paint mine!

The good thing is that Piggy Paint takes all of the unhealthy aspects out of this experience with their natural nail polishes and nail polish remover and leaves in the fun!  I think I've found a stocking stuffer that my daughter will be receiving for years to come!

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the Forever Fancy Nail Polish and Nail Polish Remover from Piggy Paint in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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