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Planet WiseWith back-to-school season right around the corner, you may already be contemplating how you are going to pack your child's lunch for school this year.  Most folks use a variety of plastic baggies to pack the various foods and snacks in their child's lunch, which is bad for the environment and causes a ton of undue waste.

If you'd like to find a "greener" way to pack snacks and sandwiches for your child, then please keep reading about the "Bag Your Snack Stuff!" line of reusable bags from Planet Wise.

I reviewed the following reusable bags from the Planet Wise "Bag Your Snack Stuff!" line:

Window Bag, which retails for $7.99

Sandwich Bag, which retails for $7.99

Sandwich Wrap, which retails for $7.99

Snack Bag, which retails for $7.99

Planet Wise Bag Your Snack Stuff Reusable Bags Planet Wise Bag Your Snack Stuff Reusable Bags


The Planet Wise "Bag Your Snack Stuff!" line of reusable bags are made from a variety of brightly patterned cotton fabrics which add a great deal of character to the snacks and sandwiches they house.  These bags may be colorful and whimsical on the outside, but on the inside, they are all business.  The "Bag Your Snack Stuff!" line contains many well-designed features which make these bags very user friendly and eco-friendly too:

  • FDA Food Safe Material Lining - extremely easy to clean with a little dish soap (hand wash only)
  • Angled Corners - crumbs will not get stuck down in corners for easier cleaning
  • Waterproof seams - bags will not leak and contents will not fall out
  • Hook and Loop Closure - keeps contents secure and super fresh

Planet Wise Bag Your Snack Stuff Reusable Bags

I'm not a huge fan of washing items by hand, but with the slick plastic lining, they truly are a cinch to clean.  Then you can just hang them on something nearby to dry (the top rack of your dishwasher works perfectly).  I use these baggies extensively for when we take short trips around town.

Now, I can easily pack several snacks for Riley and even a sandwich or two for ourselves!  My favorite baggie has to be the window bag, for I really like the size of this one as well as being able to view the contents.  The most versatile bag is probably the sandwich wrap bag, because you can use it in much the same way you would use a piece of aluminum foil, which makes it great for carrying leftovers and such.

If you find yourself frequently taking snacks and sandwiches along in plastic baggies, STOP, and make a positive change for the environment instead with the "Bag Your Snack Stuff!" line of reusable bags from Planet Wise.  Being eco-friendly has never been so stylish or so easy!

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the Bag Your Snack Stuff Reusable Bags line from Planet Wise in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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