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One of the toys I never seemed to tire of playing with when I was a child, had to be my Play-Doh collection!  As long as you have an imagination, some patience and a few neat molds and such, a few jars of Play-Doh can keep you busy for hours.  Now that Riley has finally moved past the stage where everything she picks up goes directly into her mouth, I couldn't wait to introduce her to the wonders and fun of Play-Doh.

Thankfully, Play-Doh obliged me by letting me review one of their newest creations, the Fun Food Poppin' Movie Snacks!  This toy allows you to recreate all of the fun food associated with the movie theater experience, like hot dogs, sodas, ice cream and of course, POPCORN!  Keep reading to find out if my daughter had as much fun with this Play-Doh toy as I used to when I was a kid.

I reviewed the Play-Doh Fun Food Poppin' Movie Snacks from Hasbro, which retails for $14.99, but is currently on sale at Toys 'R Us for $9.99.

The Play-Doh Fun Food Poppin' Movie Snacks comes complete with five cans of Play-Doh (white, brown, green, orange and yellow) as well as molds to create hot dogs, ice cream, sodas, movie film and even the large mold machine which makes popcorn, spaghetti, french fries, etc.

As I laid everything out on the table, Riley couldn't wait to get started.  Play-Doh even thought to create little paper boats for the fries and hotdogs, and a large tub to put the "popcorn" in.  There's a huge colored piece of paper which looks like the inside of a concession stand, so that you can create your wares and then arrange them to sell.

Play-Doh Movie Poppin' Snacks Play-Doh Movie Poppin' Snacks


I was glad to see that Play-Doh left the one feature that I remember as a child on their Poppin' Movie Snacks machine.  As you can see in the left picture below, there is still the classic ruler which contains different cut-out shapes on it.  You slide the ruler on the front of the machine, load the Play-Doh inside and then mash the handle down to create spaghetti, triangles, french fries, etc.  Riley really thought this was cool and loved mashing down the handle to create "noodles"!

Play-Doh Movie Poppin' Snacks Play-Doh Movie Poppin' Snacks


Riley was still a little too young to make many of the food items from the molds, but she liked making the popcorn a lot.  Of course, Play-Doh is plenty of fun all by itself and as you can see from the bottom right picture, Riley had a ton of fun just mushing her fingers into the Play-Doh and squeezing it in her hands.

Play-Doh Movie Poppin' Snacks Play-Doh Movie Poppin' Snacks


I discovered that I still had some of my old "skills" when it came to molding the Play-Doh too.  Just look at the yummy treats I made using the Fun Food Poppin' Movie Snacks kit!  I highly recommend this toy because Riley and I both enjoyed ourselves while playing with it.

The toy has a ton of possibilities for imaginative play and for around $10.00, the price just can't be beat either.  Children both young and old would love to find this waiting for them under the Christmas tree!

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Disclosure:  I received the Play-Doh Fun Food Poppin' Movie Snacks from Hasbro in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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