Review - Poulan (PLN3516F) 16" Electric Chain Saw from ATG Stores

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ATG StoresWith all of the sunshine we received this summer, our bushes and trees have become quite unruly and out of control.  This fall, my husband has a big job ahead of him: to tame nature's bounty in both our back and front yards!  This task requires a quality chain saw for many of the limbs and branches that need pruning are quite thick.

Thankfully the HandandPowerToolShop at ATG Stores came to our rescue by allowing us to review the Poulan 16" Electric Chain Saw.  Keep reading to learn more and to see if it withstood all that our unmanageable yard had to give!

I reviewed the Poulan 952802358 Chain Saw (16" Length) from ATG Stores, which retails for $139.99, but is currently on sale for $99.00 with FREE SHIPPING.

ATG Stores Poulan 16" Electric Chain Saw

The Poulan PLN3516F 16" Electric Chain Saw from ATG Stores is a compact powerhouse designed to handle small to medium size limbs.  This chainsaw has a myriad of bells and whistles, such as a tool-less chain adjust system and a 16" reduced kickback bar & chain.

My husband really appreciated using the Poulan 16" Electric Chain Saw because of its 3.5 HP engine and 32 inch diameter cutting capacity.  This chain saw had more than enough power and cutting capacity to easily handle most any job around our home.  We frequently have to prune our trees several times throughout the year and the Poulan chain saw could cut through anything in our yard, save cutting down the entire tree itself.

ATG Stores Poulan 16" Electric Chain Saw

Because I am always concerned about my husband's welfare when operating heavy-duty power tools such as this, I was thrilled to learn about all of the many safety features of the Poulan 16" Electric Chain Saw:

  • Trigger Start/Stop Switch - Stops saw motor when released
  • Electric Motor - Double insulated for added safety
  • Chain Brake Lever/Hand - Activates the chain brake and protects the operator's left hand in the event it slips off the front handle while saw is running
  • Lock/Off Button - Prevents accidental acceleration of the saw motor.  The trigger cannot be squeezed unless lock/off button is depressed
  • Guide Bar - Reduced kickback guide bar reduces the intensity of kickback
  • Low-Kickback Chain - Helps significantly reduce kickback, or the intensity of kickback, due to specially designed depth gauges and Guard links
  • Chain Catcher - Reduces the danger of injury in the event saw chain breaks or derails during operation.  The catcher is designed to intercept a whipping chain.
ATG Stores Poulan 16" Electric Chain Saw ATG Stores Poulan 16" Electric Chain Saw


Getting started with the Poulan 16" Electric Chain Saw was basic enough, for you had to simply adjust the saw chain tension, which was very easy with the Tool-Less Chain Adjust System.  In just a few minutes, my husband had found the proper tension of the chain so as not to wear the bar chain and saw bearings more rapidly.  Finally, we had to fill the 4.5 oz. oil tank with Genuine Factory Parts Chain, Bar and Sprocket Oil, which would guarantee enough lubrication for 12-15 minutes of sawing.

The Poulan 16" Electric Chain Saw weighed almost 9 pounds and went through the small limbs on our trees like a knife through butter.  My husband was thoroughly impressed at the power and ease of use of this chain saw.  The only thing he disliked about it was that it was powered by electricity instead of gas.  We have several trees and bushes at the very back of our property which we won't be able to cut unless we buy at least a 100 ft. extension cord.  Other than that, my husband couldn't have been happier with the Poulan chain saw from ATG Stores.

If you have an unruly yard that needs to be tamed after the summer sun and rain, then I highly recommend the Poulan 16" Electric Chain Saw.  It's the perfect combination of performance and safety that will have your "honey-do" list growing shorter by the minute!  This would also make a great holiday gift for that special man in your life.  Now your husband or boyfriend will be excited and all too happy to help with those outdoor chores!  :party:

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the Poulan 16" Electric Chain Saw from ATG Stores in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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