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SHEEX, Inc.I've always been one who enjoys sleeping.  There's nothing worse than feeling drained and tired all day long when you have a mountain of tasks that need to be accomplished.  Thus, I try to create a sleep sanctuary in my bedroom.  One of the things I've noticed that really promotes a great night's sleep is keeping your body temperature in a comfortable range throughout the night.

In order to accomplish this, you must have bedding which is breathable and designed for body temperature control.  SHEEX, Inc. has created bedding which is specially designed to manage body temperature and keep you dry for the most comfortable, rejuvenating sleep possible.  Keep reading to learn more about their performance sheet sets!

I reviewed the SHEEX Performance King-Size Sheet Set in Creme from SHEEX, Inc., which retails for $219.95 with FREE SHIPPING.

SHEEX performance bedding was designed to help athletes, and anyone interested in better health, gain a competitive advantage by night - literally in your sleep.  Research has shown that better sleep quality, not just quantity, can contribute to improved athletic performance, mental focus and overall quality of life.

So if you sleep better, you can live better.  Since getting more TIME to sleep is almost impossible for anyone living a hectic and busy life, now it is possible to reap the same health benefits by getting more QUALITY to the time you do spend sleeping.

SHEEX Performance Sheet Set SHEEX Performance Sheet Set


SHEEX co-founders loved the feel, breathability, moisture wicking and quick-dry features of the latest athletic performance fabrics and thought, "why no performance sheets?"  And so, SHEEX were born, created for all aspects of your life: home bedding, baby bedding, plus specialty lines for boating and luxury motor homes.  Now, you can get a great night's sleep no matter your age or where you lay your head at night.

SHEEX Performance Sheet Set SHEEX Performance Sheet Set


I was so excited to have the chance to try out the new SHEEX performance sheets, for I tend to wake up several times throughout the night because I'm too hot.  Here in the South, staying cool at night is an art form, and more than just an air-conditioner is required.  If you are sleeping well, your body usually doesn't move and when you are lying there motionless, heat coming from your body will get trapped between you and your mattress, making you uncomfortably hot.

When this happens, you will wake up briefly and roll to another, cooler spot on your bed, only to have the same thing repeat hours later.  This constant cycle of disrupted sleep can result in awaking tired and lethargic, which is hardly the way to start your day.

When I felt the SHEEX fabric for the first time, I was intrigued.  It's very hard to describe how it feels, because this fabric reminded me of so many things - jersey (t-shirt) material, pantyhose, silk and even a parachute!  Wow, I just knew this was going to be a sleeping experience.  I put them on the bed and quickly noticed the four-way fabric stretchability.  These sheets will definitely move with you throughout the night and not bind you in any way.  I think that's why they reminded me of pantyhose...they were THAT stretchable!

Even though I just took them out of the package and didn't iron them at all, I was amazed at how wrinkle-free my bed looked!  This is due to the advanced fade, wrinkle and shrink resistance of the SHEEX performance fabric.  My bed looked crisp, clean and definitely inviting.

SHEEX Performance Sheet Set SHEEX Performance Sheet Set


I really enjoyed sleeping on the SHEEX Performance Sheets for I have yet to wake up hot during the night!  I also have noticed that these sheets move with me, since I sometimes have a hard time getting comfortable when I first lay down to go to sleep.  I usually get wrapped up in our cotton sheets, but haven't experienced this yet with the SHEEX sheets.  The only criticism I have is the seaming that is used, which you can see running down the top sheet in the upper right-hand picture.

Although the sheets themselves are smooth as silk, this seaming is rather rough and not very comfortable.  Personally, it doesn't bother me, since I always sleep in a full set of pajamas, but for my husband, who sleeps without a shirt on, he says that he can occasionally feel this rough seaming throughout the night.

I've noticed a big difference in the way I feel in the morning when I wake up and I know that it's due in part to the SHEEX performance sheets I've been sleeping on.  Getting a solid seven hours of sleep every night is so much better than the disrupted, fragmented sleep I was getting.  If you want to experience a great night's sleep, then I highly recommend sleeping with SHEEX!



5 Star Review
Disclosure:  I received the SHEEX Performance King-Size Sheet Set in Creme from SHEEX, Inc. in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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