Review - Tervis 24 oz. Insulated Water Bottle ~ Powerful Travel Hydration

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TervisThe characteristic hot, sunny days of a Houston summer are already here, leaving me quite thirsty every time I step outdoors.  It's so important to stay properly hydrated when the temperature begins to rise, which is why I never leave home without a water bottle in hand.

Since 1946, Tervis has been an innovator in the drinkware industry, thanks to their revolutionary permanently sealed, double-walled tumbler design.  The infamous Tervis tumbler has been successfully keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, while remaining virtually indestructible.  Recently, they released a brand new 24 oz. water bottle just in time for summer.  Keep reading to learn more!

I reviewed the Texas A&M 24 oz. Water Bottle from Tervis, which retails for $25.00.

Tervis 24 oz. Insulated Water Bottle

The 24 oz. Tervis water bottle is my new travel companion and goes with me everywhere.  It's great for tossing in my backpack when I take a bike ride around the neighborhood or for when my daughter and I go to the park.  I also love having it right there when I'm done with a particularly challenging workout as well as when I'm just relaxing in the backyard, soaking my feet in Riley's kiddie pool.

The double-walled construction of the Tervis water bottle keeps my cold drinks nice and icy so that I can enjoy them longer, and it also helps reduce condensation, so that my drink doesn't turn everything around it into a watery mess.  There are two flattened spots on each side which make this water bottle particularly easy to grip, even when your hands are sweaty.  There are even measuring lines on the back of the water bottle so that you can quickly mix just the right amount of water with your favorite powdered drink.

Tervis 24 oz. Insulated Water Bottle

Tervis 24 oz. Insulated Water Bottle

Perhaps my favorite feature though is the single-button flip lid.  This lid stays open and has a large wide spout so that you can drink a LOT at one time.  I really find a typical water bottle quite annoying because when I'm thirsty, the last thing I want to do is suck my brains out trying to get a lot of water out of that little-bitty spout.  Also, the flip cap that usually accompanies this type of spout is always hitting me in the face and trying to go up my nose.  Thank goodness Tervis eliminated those annoying features.


Like every other piece of drinkware that Tervis makes, you can rest assured that the bottle and lid are BPA free, made in the USA and are both dishwasher and microwave safe.  There's also a huge selection of patterns and designs to choose from so you can personalize your Tervis water bottle to suit your mood, and never worry about a messy mix-up while at the gym.  When the summer starts to heat up, make sure you're staying cool and hydrated with the brand new 24 oz. Tervis Water Bottle!

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure: I received two 24 oz. Water Bottles from Tervis in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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