Review - Yucatan Foods Guacamole and Avo-Hummus Party Pack

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Yucatan GuacamoleHere in Texas, the food we eat has a lot of Mexican influences, and spicy fare such as tamales, enchiladas and tacos are quite commonplace.  Around the holidays, our family gatherings always consist of a few south of the border favorites, like salsa and guacamole dips with tortilla chips.

Usually, I can find the time to concoct my favorite guacamole recipe for dipping, but during the holidays, when I'm busy making a ton of other foods, I like to rely on the store-bought guacamole dip.

This year, my family had the opportunity to sample two avocado-based selections from Yucatan Foods, the Authentic Guacamole and the Avo-Hummus.  Keep reading to learn all about our Yucatan Foods Holiday Moustache Party!

I reviewed the Authentic Guacamole and Avo-Hummus from Yucatan Foods.  Visit to find out where you can purchase these varieties!

Yucatan Food Authentic Guacamole Yucatan Foods Avo-Hummus


I've been buying ready-made guacamole dip from the grocery store for years, but never realized how loaded with preservatives and other harmful ingredients this stuff is.  As a matter of fact, I never realized that most guacamole dips actually contain only 7% avocado!  If you've ever made fresh guacamole before, you know that avocado is primarily what comprises guacamole.  So, if the stuff at the grocery store only contains 7% avocado, what the heck is the other 93% made of?  Scary!

Yucatan Foods Moustache Party

Thankfully, Yucatan Foods is drastically different.  Their Authentic Guacamole contains 95% avocado!  Now, that's like the kind I make at home.  They also guarantee that their guacamole is all natural and doesn't contain any preservatives or other harmful ingredients.  You can also rest assured that every container of Yucatan Guacamole contains 5 hand-picked, hand-scooped, Haas avocados too.

Their newest product, Avo-Hummus, is a rich, creamy mixture of 50% fresh avocados and 50% classic hummus.  Although I enjoy hummus, I've never experienced Avo-Hummus before and was excited to try it.  When my family gathered together for the Christmas holiday, I decided to serve them the Yucatan Foods guacamole and avo-hummus to get their reaction.  Of course, we also donned the included moustaches to have a little fun and get in touch with our inner Pancho Villa!  :)

Yucatan Foods Moustache Party Yucatan Foods Moustache Party
Yucatan Foods Moustache Party Yucatan Foods Moustache Party


My family reacted well to both the Authentic Guacamole and the Avo-Hummus dips from Yucatan Foods.  Generally though, everyone seemed to prefer the Avo-Hummus because of its flavor and thick, creamy texture.  The Authentic Guacamole was still delectable, though my family would have liked it better if it had been spicier.  To us, the Authentic Guacamole tasted a little bland, though it was definitely packed full of avocado goodness!

If you're in the market for a healthy, all natural appetizer or snack, then I highly recommend the selections of salsa and guacamole from Yucatan Foods.  These south of the border dips and condiments will have your friends and family shelling out the compliments and coming back for more!

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received Authentic Guacamole, Avo-Hummus, Party Moustaches and a Tote Bag from Yucatan Foods in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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