Review - Let the Gyft App Streamline Your Gift Cards Once and for All


GyftGift cards:  I love them and I hate them!  Obviously, I love them because they're basically cash, yet I can't be tempted to pay bills with them, so they're like a special shopping treat.  The thing I hate about gift cards though is that they are so darn bulky!

My purse is crammed full with them and I never know how much is on each one.  This leaves me fumbling around in the checkout line trying to figure out what is left to spend on each gift card and what I'll have to pay for myself.  Right now, almost half of the storage space in my purse is being spent on a large stack of gift cards.  Thankfully, there's now an app out there called Gyft which is designed to eliminate the gift card madness.  Keep reading to learn more!

Download the Gyft app and receive a $5 gift card to get you started!

Gyft App

Kick Those Bulky Gift Cards to the Curb with Gyft

Gyft is a mobile gift card platform that enables consumers to manage their gift card needs.  Users can ditch the plastic and use their mobile device to store,send and redeem gift cards. For retailers, gyft creates a meaningful new revenue channel by giving brands visibility into the consumers that hold their gift cards. By using gyft’s solution, merchants can drive customer acquisition, increase shopper interaction and drive social engagement.

  • Manage all your gift cards in one place
  • Upload cards by snapping a photo or entering information
  • Redeem cards in-store or online
  • Send gift cards to friends via Facebook, email or text message
  • Receive reminders for friends important events by connecting through Facebook
  • Get free gift cards by simply downloading the app

When you first visit, you'll notice that there isn't a download link per se, but rather a way to have the app's link sent directly to your cell phone.  I guess I didn't pay close enough attention, but at the moment the gyft app is only available for Apple-based phones.  I currently have a Windows phone and quickly discovered the download link didn't work for me.  Thankfully, once I tried the link on my iPad, I downloaded it without any issues.

I was totally jazzed about the gyft app, for as I mentioned earlier, my purse overfloweth with gift cards.  Getting started with the gyft app was really easy.  Simply tap on the "Add a Gift Card" button and follow the prompts.  You can type in the gift card's number and pin and then enter the balance on the gift card itself.  Apparently, you can also input a gift card into the gyft app by taking a picture of it, but I didn't see that option available and rather used the manual keyed entry instead.

When I input all three of my Starbucks gift cards, I was pleased that the gift card amount of each one was automatically filled in for me. Unfortunately, for the myriad of other gift cards I entered, this was not the case.  I then had to go to each vendor's website, find out how much was on each card and then enter that again in the gyft app.  I found this rather tedious, but before long, I had all of my cards entered in and at my fingertips.

Now that everything was loaded up, I could literally ditch the plastic once and for all.  I found just a few vendors not listed in the gyft directory (Academy, Spec's and Cool Cuts), so I had to hold on to those cards, but the rest could be safely tucked away in a drawer instead of lugged around in my purse.  If you'd like to give a gift card, that's quick and easy too.  You can even give away a gift card you already own or buy a brand new one to send.  I love the re-gifting aspect of this app, for there are several gift cards I own which aren't exactly my cup of tea, but I know a few people that they'd be perfect for.

I'm definitely glad to have discovered the gyft app, for giving and receiving with gift cards has been made much easier than before.  Now, I can see exactly what I have on hand and keep them with me without taking up a huge chunk of my purse.  I can't wait until the gyft app is made available for both Android and Windows phones so that you can truly gift and go!

4 Star Product Review
Disclosure: This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I received compensation for my time investment and work on this campaign. 


I'm a former 7th grade Science teacher turned stay-at-home mom that lives in Houston, Texas. I am married to my college sweetheart and have a beautiful daughter named Riley, who definitely keeps me on my toes! I am also involved in starting a small business which would both manufacture and sell an invention that I've patented, called Toothpaste 2 Go. I love interacting with my readers and hope to learn as much about you as you learn about me!

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32 Responses to Let the Gyft App Streamline Your Gift Cards Once and for All

    Cynthia R Says:


    favorite is you can send gift cards through facebook, yep seems like a great easier way to use, save and keep track of gift cards

    Claire Says:


    I love that it can keep track. How easy.

    Wanda McHenry Says:


    Storing gift cards on your smartphone would be great, but I’m old school and it wouldn’t work for me, I’d rather have them in my possession and not online.

    Ju P. Says:


    My favorite feature is that you can just take a picture to upload cards, it makes it very easy to store card info!

    D Schmidt Says:


    My favorite feature is you can send gift cards via facebook

    Shelley C. Says:


    I like that gc can be stored on your smart phone.

    Susan McNeill Says:


    I would love to not have to carry gift cards around. Shuffling through them at checkout (loyalty cards, too) is ridiculous. This is a GREAT idea!

    abbi Says:


    Sounds so useful. I hate carrying gc’s only to fine out i have 2.30 left on it….:)

    Shemp DeYoung ( Says:


    My kids never seem to remember where they put their gift cards, but they never forget their phones.

    Traci Lynn Butler Says:


    They have hundreds of retailers to choose from

    Lisa Brown Says:


    I love that you do not have to have physical cards.

    Rochelle Says:


    I like the upload & store gift cards. This would be helpful and keep them from being lost. Thanks!

    bunnyb Says:


    I love that you can send and receive cards. This app does sound like something that would make using gift cards easier!

    soha molina Says:


    I like that I can regift existing cards

    Jenny Says:


    I like the idea of not having to carry gift cards around and just how simple it is to get last minute gifts!

    Jessie C. Says:


    I like we can manage all gift cards in one place

    mell Says:


    I love that you can send and receive cards. The app does sound like something that would make using gift cards easier

    Jacie Says:


    I like that we can track things in one spot!!

    Alexia Miller Says:


    I will never lose my gift cards again!

    Lisa R Says:


    Manage gc in one place, AWESOME

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

    gigi Says:


    I love that I’ll be able to manage all the gift cards, etc. My only worry is that something like this might “confuse” a cashier who is not familiar with it and may just outright not want to do it.

    Jennifer M Says:


    I ADORE THIS APP! I am downloading it NOW and putting all my giftcards on it! I hate having all the plastic ones in my purse! I never remember to use them! This is so great! My favorite feature is that you can use them in the store just by showing the screen to the cashier!

    Jennifer Young Says:


    I love that you can send existing gift cards to friends! And, yes, I think it would make it much easier!

    melissa k Says:


    I like that you don’t have to carry the gift cards with you. I seem to never have the card when I want to use it.

    Jennifer T. Says:


    My favorite feature is being able to load the cards onto your phone. I hate keeping track of and carrying around a stack of cards.

    Rhonda S. Phillips-Tenderholt Says:


    It would definitely make life easier. W/2 sons that get Game Stop gift cards and me. And that you can send them too…

    Christian Alejandro N. Says:


    I like how painless it is to use the app and almost effortless to send gift cards.

    Katy M Says:


    I keep a lot of gift cards, so I love that I can find them all in one plac and keep them organized!


    Abby Kraynick Says:


    I like how EASY it is to use, And YES.. It would make my life easier!!

    Shelley P Says:


    I like that you can manage all your gift cards in one place. I use gift cards all the time and this would really help get me organized. I’m also scared of losing the cards all the time so this would be great to have.

    Ellen casper Says:


    I couldn’t loose them!

    Lily Kwan Says:


    My favorite feature is being able to enter gift card information by taking a picture of it.

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