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The Healthy Schools ProjectAbout 25% of Americans go to school or college every day.  Unfortunately, their germs go right along with them.  Colds and flu are a major problem for educational facilities, with the common cold resulting in 189 million school days lost each year - and influenza causing nearly 38 million absences a year.

Absenteeism starts with presenteeism - coming to school sick.  When ill students touch a doorknob, keyboard, desk or other surface, they leave germs that can live up to 48 hours.  Other students and teachers pick up those germs and the cycle continues.

Schools have their own unique "hot spots" that typically harbor the most germs.  The Healthy Schools Project educates and encourages students to Wash, Wipe and Sanitize to help reduce the risk of transmission - especially in germ hot spots.

Germ Hot Spots

The new program from Kimberly-Clark Professional delivers effective solutions designed to break the cycle of illness at school.  It's an easy way to motivate students, teachers and staff to practice good hand hygiene - and be aware of the germs around them.  The Healthy Schools Project goes beyond the restroom to provide sustainable, hygienic product solutions for classrooms, cafeterias, common areas - all the places students take germs.

The result can be reduced absenteeism and a healthier environment for both students and staff.  The Healthy Schools Project starts with the premise that good hygiene habits should begin early.  That's why the program addresses students at every level - starting in kindergarten and continuing through college.  Offerings include:

  • Germ "hot spot" identification and audits to customize an action plan for each school
  • In-classroom solutions for K-5, including lesson plans customized by grade
  • Washroom & common area solutions: towels, tissues, soap, sanitizer and surface wipes
  • Posters, stickers and other communications that help educate students on things they can do to make their school healthier
  • Student care packs for special events
  • Convenient caddies for offices and lounges, putting germ-fighting products close at hand

Kimberly-Clark Professional is taking the lead in helping to transform schools with high illness-related absenteeism into healthy learning environments where students can achieve their full potential.  To learn more about becoming part of The Healthy Schools Project, contact your Kimberly-Clark Professional representative or visit

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Disclosure: I received the healthy classroom station from Kimberly-Clark in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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