Review - N & J Padauk Double Wheel Kaleidoscope from Kaleidoscopes To You

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Kaleidoscopes To YouSometimes, my husband is the hardest person to buy for because I have so many back-to-back occasions which require gifts that are both original and unique.  You see, my husband's birthday, our anniversary and Christmas all occur in one month's time.  Whew!  :whew:

Thankfully, I just discovered one of the most remarkable online stores, called Kaleidoscopes To You.  They carry a vast array of exquisite kaleidoscopes, handmade by skilled artisans.  I recently had the chance to review one of their most popular selections, the N & J Padauk Double Wheel Kaleidoscope.  Keep reading to learn more about the new "Kaleidoscope Renaissance" at Kaleidoscopes To You.

I reviewed the N & J Padauk Double Wheel Kaleidoscope from Kaleidoscopes To You, which retails for $95.00, but is currently on sale for $90.00.

Kaleidoscopes To You N & J Padauk Double Wheel Kaleidoscope

I have to admit that I learned a lot while conducting this product review for Kaleidoscopes To You, for I had no idea that handcrafted, high quality kaleidoscopes like this even existed.  I remember how I loved to gaze into my dollar store kaleidoscope as a kid, fascinated by the seemingly endless variety of colors and patterns that danced before my eyes.  Well, if you enjoyed kaleidoscopes as a kid, be prepared to have your socks knocked off!  The kaleidoscopes created by Kaleidoscopes To You are not children's toys, but rather sophisticated works of art.

Kaleidoscopes To You N & J Padauk Double Wheel Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscopes To You N & J Padauk Double Wheel Kaleidoscope


The N & J Double Wheel Kaleidoscope is 8-inches long and crafted from solid padauk and laminated woods.  This kaleidoscope is truly amazing, thanks to its shiny lacquer finish on the solid woods and beautiful dual glass jeweled wheels with solid padauk wooden bezels.  The wheels themselves are 2-3/16 inches in diameter.

The N & J Double Wheel Kaleidoscope also comes complete with a wooden base, which is just the right size for a personalized plaque.  This kaleidoscope is a best seller and a customer favorite due to its intricate woodworking and overall size to price value.

Kaleidoscopes To You N & J Padauk Double Wheel Kaleidoscope

I marveled at the vast array of colors and patterns possible with this kaleidoscope.  Since both jeweled wheels spin independently, there's no end to the combinations that can be seen with this top quality device.  Just look at the video below for a detailed demonstration:


Although I had originally planned on giving the N & J Padauk Double Wheel Kaleidoscope to my husband for his birthday, I'm afraid that I can no longer bear to part with it.  I've since decided to display this wonderful kaleidoscope on the mantelpiece in our living room so that the entire family can enjoy it.  I know it will also make a great conversation piece for whenever friends and family stop by to visit.

If you are searching for a beautiful collector's item which would be perfect for an office or enjoyed by all in the home, then don't hesitate to shop the myriad of kaleidoscopes from Kaleidoscopes To You!

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure: I received the N & J Padauk Double Wheel Kaleidoscope from Kaleidoscopes To You in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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