Plagued by Stretch Marks? Then Visit for Help

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Stretch MarksThere isn't a woman I know that hasn't been bothered by stretch marks at one time or another.  Even if somehow you've manage to avoid them while going through your growth spurts during puberty, they always seem to catch up to us again during pregnancy.

I was lucky enough to have avoided them while pregnant with Riley, but I have noticeable stretch marks on the very tops of my outer thighs.  There are several treatment options out there and I've recently found an entire website which discusses both how to prevent stretch marks and what your options are once they have formed, called

Ways to Prevent Stretch Marks:

  • Eat a healthy diet, composed of food rich in vitamins A, C and E.  These vitamins are great for your skin and also help stimulate collagen production.  Also, do your best to not gain or lose weight too rapidly, causing your tissue to change quickly and leading to inevitable stretch marks.
  • Drink plenty of water.  This helps your tissue remain moisturized and pliable, which also helps reduce the likelihood of developing stretch marks.
  • Massage areas of your skin regularly where you are prone to getting stretch marks or where you already have stretch marks.  This will increase the blood flow and circulation to these regions and will help deter your skin from forming stretch marks.  Using cocoa butter or lotion enriched with Vitamin E will also decrease your chances of getting stretch marks.
  • Exercise.  This not only works your muscles, but also helps keep your skin in great shape too!

Ways to Treat Stretch Marks:

  • There are a wide variety of stretch marks creams on the market all aimed at helping to reduce the appearance of these unattractive lines on your skin.
  • If you've had it up to here with your stretch marks, you could also invest in having laser stretch mark removal too.  This is a fairly costly option and tends to work better with more recent stretch marks, or those that are red or purple in color.  But for some women, this is an option of last resort.
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