Review - Aquadoodle Draw 'N' Doodle Color Mat and Travel Pet Dog from Spin Master

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Spin MasterMy daughter, Riley, absolutely LOVES to draw!  We have a huge stack of coloring books, scratch paper and the like for her to practice her drawing skills on, but coloring with markers and crayons requires constant adult supervision.  Without it, other items in the house mysteriously end up with crayon marks on them.  Riley would also like to draw in other areas of our home, but because we don't want crayon stains everywhere, we only let her draw at our kitchen table.

Now there's an eco-friendly way for children to draw to their heart's delight, anywhere they wish, without the use of paper, pens or crayons.  Spin Master's Aquadoodle is a non-toxic, mess-free, reusable solution for any tiny artist in your home.  Keep reading to learn more about it!

Aquadoodle Draw 'N' Doodle Color Mat Aquadoodle Pet Dog


First up is the Aquadoodle Draw 'N' Doodle Color Mat.  This large (70 cm x 70 cm) classic mat has a brightly colored border depicting images from the entire alphabet as well as a drawing area in the center.  It also comes complete with an Aquadoodle Pen and an instruction guide.  Getting started is both quick and easy.  Just unscrew the cap on the pen and add water to the tube.  Now the fun can begin!

This mat is divided into four colored sections (green, blue, pink and purple) and when the water hits that particular section, the color is then visible.  As the mat dries, the pictures slowly fade away.  As you can see from the pictures below, Riley loved drawing on such a large surface on the living room floor and filled the entire mat with her doodles before long.  The great thing was that as she moved on to a new area, the original area was drying and slowly fading.  Once she was ready to draw in that area again, it was already dry and ready to go!

Aquadoodle Draw 'N' Doodle Color Mat Aquadoodle Draw 'N' Doodle Color Mat


Next, Riley had the chance to review the Aquadoodle Pet Dog, which is designed for doodling on the go.  This soft-bodied dog has colorful floppy ears and feet and comes complete with a small Aquadoodle Pen and holster on his paw.  Riley immediately took to this little gal and even named her Rachel!  I was impressed at just how quick the dog's tummy seemed to dry, so that your child could quickly and easily doodle over and over again on a long car or airplane trip.

Riley has such a fascination with dolls and stuffed animals at the moment that I dare say she liked the Aquadoodle Pet Dog better than she liked the color mat!  Both of these toys are wonderfully designed though and would be a hit with any child.

Aquadoodle Pet Dog

If you would like to encourage your child's budding drawing skills in a completely safe, fun and eco-friendly way, then I highly recommend any of the terrific Aquadoodle products from Spin Master.  Their non-toxic, mess-free toys have me breathing easier when Riley wants to unleash her inner artist!  Now I know that none of our home's possessions will be paying the price!

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the Aquadoodle Draw 'N' Doodle Color Mat and Travel Pet Dog from Spin Master in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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