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chicBuds chicboom Keychain SpeakerOkay, so if you're like me, a total technology gadget junkie, then you've got an mp3 player of some sort by now.  Personally, I'm so happy that I finally have my hot little hands on an iPod Touch, but let's face it, the sound quality straight from the iPod stinks.  This makes it so that I have to use earbud speakers with my iPod at all times to enjoy my tunes.

The problem is that there are a ton of times when I'm with my family and wish that we could all listen to the same song together.  Of course there are portable speakers out there, but I never remember to carry them with me and they always seem to take up so much room in my purse.  It seems that chicBuds was in my head and heard my problems loud and clear because they've come up with the coolest little gadget that is SUPER USEFUL...the chicboom!

The chicboom Keychain Speaker from chicBuds costs $24.99 and can be purchased by clicking here

I have to admit that when I first received the chicboom and took it out of its little white organza bag, I thought, "There's NO WAY this tiny speaker is going to be powerful enough or sound worth a damn".  I briefly read the instructions and was pleased at how easy it was to get the chicboom up and running.  It comes with a rechargeable battery permanently mounted inside the speaker, so you never have to worry about replacing pesky batteries.

All I had to do was charge the battery for a few hours, if I wanted to use the chicboom on it's own.  Simply plug the USB cable that comes with the chicboom into the port on your laptop or computer and into the port on the back of the chicboom.  The instructions tell you to wait about 2-3 hours so that the battery is fully charged.

Now my curiosity was getting the best of me at this point, and I really wanted to see how well this little bitty speaker was going to sound.  I left the chicboom connected to my laptop, so it would remain charging, and then tried to plug up my iPod Touch into the speaker.  This was also extremely easy to do because you connect the speaker in the same way that you would connect your headphones.  Simply plug the headphone cord, which is included with the chicboom, into your mp3 player and into the speaker.

chicBuds chicboom Keychain Speaker chicBuds chicboom Keychain Speaker


I hit the power button on the chicboom and a tiny blue light came on at the front of the speaker.  I then hit play on my iPod and adjusted the volume using the iPod's volume controls.  At first, I had the volume down low and was surprised at how clear the music came out of the speaker.  I have to admit that the speaker sounded pretty good!  Next, I decided to turn up the volume to hear my tunes at a normal listening level.  I was sold!

This little speaker had a good mix of bass and treble and I could even hear the highs in my music which would normally come from the tweeters in your sound system.  (I might have totally dated myself with that one...I don't even know if speakers still have "tweeters".  With the success of Twitter, even if speakers still did have tweeters, they'd probably have to call them something else!)  Okay, now I had to crank up my iPod all the way to LOUD to see if I could get some distortion in the chicboom.

Once again, I was amazed that the speaker still sounded just as clean and crisp with very minimal distortion!  What a cool gadget!  This is perfect for listening to your music on your laptop, office computer, portable mp3 player, etc.  With this little chicboom attached to your keychain, you can instantly broadcast your music ANYWHERE!

chicboom made a believer out of me!  I didn't expect much at all when I first saw this tiny speaker keychain, because what great sounding speaker comes on a keychain?  Well, I have to admit that the chicboom lives up to all of its claims.  It is super easy to use with no batteries to worry about, and it SOUNDS GREAT!  Now, you can have an instant music party to go!  This would be perfect to use whenever you want to share the great music you're listening to with everybody else.  If you're in the market for a portable speaker set, this is it!

Product Review Rating 5 Stars

Disclosure:  I received the chicboom Keychain Speaker from chicBuds in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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