Review - Cloud-b Twilight Ladybug in Pink ~ Light Up the Night Sky for Your Little Bug

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Cloud-bRiley's bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in our house, for I have put so much work into converting it into a "Ladybug Garden" and I think it looks really cool!  She's got trees and flowers on her walls and small insects here and there.  There's one thing missing though that would make her room complete...a sky full of stars for her to sleep under at night.

Currently, there are many glow-in-the-dark star decals on her ceiling which work great for a little while, but then, after about 15 minutes, they lose their glow and her room is dark again.  Thankfully, Cloud-b has created a portable illuminated night sky for your baby or child, all wrapped up in a cuddly stuffed animal!  I had the chance to review the Twilight Ladybug in Pink for Riley's room.  Did it work as well as they claim?  Keep reading to find out!

I reviewed the Twilight Ladybug in Pink from Cloud-b, which retails for $34.99 with FREE SHIPPING.

Cloud-b Twilight Ladybug in Pink

The Twilight Ladybug from Cloud-b is an inventive toy plush designed to light up your child's bedroom at night with a room full of stars and moons.  Unlike some toys I've seen which project constellations in just one small area of a wall or ceiling, the Twilight Ladybug offers full night sky projection on ceiling and walls.  Embedded in the star pattern are seven different constellations like Leo the Lion and Pisces the Fish.  Now your child can stare away and marvel at the stars in their room as they slowly drift off to sleep.

The Twilight Ladybug even functions as a perfect night light for children who may be afraid of the dark.  It is geared for children ages 3 years old and up and works by using 3 "AAA" batteries (included).  My favorite feature of the Twilight Ladybug is how not only will it project a room full of stars onto your child's ceiling and walls, but it will do so in one of three different colors!  Personally, I really liked the sapphire blue color best, since it made Riley's "night sky" look more authentic, but the emerald green and ruby red were nice options too.

Cloud-b Twilight Ladybug with Blue Light

My daughter's room during nap time with the sapphire blue light on.

Cloud-b Twilight Ladybug with Blue Light

Nap time with the ruby red light on.


What surprised me the most was how well the Twilight Ladybug worked!  As you can see from the pictures above, my daughter's room was hardly dark, since this was what it looked like at nap time, but the Twilight Ladybug still projected a myriad of stars all over the place.

Riley absolutely loved her new Twilight Ladybug, which brings me to the next best feature:  the ladybug is so easy to cuddle with!  Since its body and head are plush, this ladybug is soft and snuggly, with only its hard plastic shell emitting light.  Riley sleeps with her ladybug every night and likes how she can direct the stars around the room wherever she pleases.

The Twilight Ladybug will automatically shut off after 45 minutes, which is good for saving the batteries' juice, but bad if you are using it as a night light.  Because I know that this light will shut off, I have another night light on at the same time so that Riley isn't left in complete darkness if she happens to wake up in the middle of the night.

If your child likes the Twilight Ladybug as much as mine does, I would also recommend that you stock up on rechargeable "AAA" batteries to keep your ladybug going strong.  Riley actually prefers to stay in her room now AFTER she wakes up from her nap, just so she can continue to play with her  Twilight Ladybug!

Cloud-b Twilight Ladybug

If you have a child, either big or small, that would enjoy sleeping under the stars every night, then I highly recommend buying a Cloud-b Twilight Ladybug for them!  This cute and cuddly little bug willsafely light up their entire ceiling with the soft, soothing, colorful light of the constellations.

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Disclosure:  I received the Twilight Ladybug in Pink from Cloud-b in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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