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Coupon ChiefOne of the things I've always prided myself on is that I RARELY, and I do mean RARELY, pay full price for anything.  Of course, I can chalk this up to several things:  waiting with zen-like patience to purchase items in the off-season or when they become discontinued, searching high and low for the best deals and prices both online and off, and almost always using a coupon or promotional code with my purchase.

In order to successfully do the last option, I must have a stockpile of great go-to coupon sites which always have the latest and greatest codes and specials.  One of the newest sites I've added to my money-saving arsenal is  Keep reading to learn why!

Coupon Chief

Coupon Chief is an online couponing site which claims to have the largest source of online coupons and store discounts for apparel, electronics, travel, entertainment and more.  I can't believe that this site wasn't already on my radar, but I made sure to snoop around to see what I was missing.  Here's what I discovered about Coupon Chief:

  • The site is extremely easy to navigate...within a few clicks, I always found what I was looking for.
  • There are no expired coupons on this site...they are automatically removed once they expire.
  • You can browse by product category and not just by retailer...helpful for finding new stores.
  • Set coupon alerts for certain stores so that you will automatically know when new coupons are posted.
  • Easily share the coupons you find via email.
  • You can get paid for submitting coupons through the Pays-2-Share program.
  • If you have your own online store, you can quickly set it up to appear on Coupon Chief.

Coupon Chief

My fledgling company, Toothpaste 2 Go, needs all of the help it can get and I was SUPER appreciative to find that I could quickly and easily set up my online store to appear on Coupon Chief's site.  If you own a Scentsy, Mary Kay, Etsy Shop, etc. and are willing to offer a coupon too, than Coupon Chief could actually help give your store a little extra exposure.

I have to admit that because I hadn't heard of Coupon Chief before, I wasn't really sure of what to expect, but I am a complete believer now.  I've bookmarked this site personally and plan on visiting it regularly to search for new coupons when I shop, as well as submit coupons when I find them and get paid!  What can I say?  Hail to the Chief!  :-)

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received monetary compensation from Coupon Chief in order to facilitate my review. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this site and is completely honest and objective.
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