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I love being a homeowner, for now I have a permanent palette to create and decorate as I please.  We've lived in our home for over four years and have almost changed every inch of it to suit our style and tastes.  Currently, we are in the process of remodeling our kitchen and due to the oh-so-stylish gold lacquered fixtures already installed there, I was ready for a much-needed update.

When thinking of changing our kitchen faucet, several manufacturers came to mind, including Delta Faucet Company.  Delta is one of the world's largest manufacturers of quality faucets and makes many of their faucets right here in the USA.  They were kind enough to allow me to review one of their newest kitchen faucet designs, the Vessona.  Keep reading to find out more.

I reviewed the Vessona Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet with Spray in the Brilliance Stainless finish from Delta Faucet Company, which retails for $203.55, but can be purchased at Home Depot for only $138.00.

There were so many features that immediately drew me to the Vessona Kitchen Faucet from Delta.  First, I love how this faucet looks sleek and traditional at the same time.  Our kitchen will eventually be transformed into an old-world inspired Tuscan villa and the curves and styling of the Vessona compliment the look we are going for perfectly.

I am also thrilled that the Vessona has two handles for controlling both the hot and cold water, instead of the one large swivel handle my current kitchen faucet has.  I have such a hard time adjusting both the pressure and temperature of the water using only one handle.  I can't wait to have total control again with two handles.

Original Kitchen Faucet

Check out what we currently have...YUCK!


I am also very excited that the Vessona has a high arc spout, which will make cleaning large pots and pans or filling up pitchers of water, so simple and easy!  The spout on my current kitchen faucet simply sticks straight out and always seems to get in the way, but the Vessona spout is actually 13.25" high.

Cleaning anything large and cumbersome, like the roasting pan I use for cooking our Thanksgiving turkey, is nearly impossible with the current faucet I have and results in a ton of unnecessary banging and clanging (and cursing).  :)

Delta Faucet Vessona Kitchen Faucet in Brilliance Stainless

Vessona Kitchen Faucet in Brilliance Stainless Finish


Most importantly, I love how Delta stands behind their faucets with three words: "Guaranteed for Life".  Now, how great is that?  If you notice my kitchen faucet shown above, the finish now looks horrendous (though I doubt the gold lacquer ever looked that good to begin with).  I know that this kitchen faucet is approximately 15 years old, but it has looked like this since we first moved in.  Delta actually stands behind both the faucets they sell as well as the appearance of the finish...for life!

It's extremely reassuring to know that I will never have to worry about my kitchen faucet looking in this sad state again.  I also loved the Brilliance Stainless finish, which is designed to resist abrasions and discolorations even better than traditional brass or chrome.

Delta Faucet Vessona Kitchen Faucet in Brilliance Stainless

Inside the box: Few parts and well packaged!

Delta Faucet Vessona Kitchen Faucet in Brilliance Stainless


Finally, the Vessona from Delta Faucet also comes complete with a side sprayer.  Although my current kitchen faucet has a side sprayer, unfortunately it has never worked since we moved in.  A side sprayer is so handy for washing large pots and pans and even cleaning the kitchen sink itself, since it can reach where the main spout cannot.

Now, because we haven't installed our stainless steel sink yet, I wasn't able to actually use the Vessona in my own kitchen.  But, I've installed many different faucets in our home over the years and thoroughly inspected the Delta Vessona, keeping my previous faucet experience in mind.

As soon as I opened the box, I noticed two things.  First, Delta packaged this faucet very well and I received a product free from any damage.  Second, the instructions they provided were very clear and concise, with a detailed diagram showing every step of the installation.

Delta Faucet Vessona Kitchen Faucet in Brilliance Stainless

The directions included were clear and concise with plenty of large, detailed illustrations.

Delta Faucet Vessona Kitchen Faucet in Brilliance Stainless


Because I've got plenty of do-it-yourself experience from installing previous faucets, I can tell you that the Delta Vessona is a high-quality faucet in every sense of the word and one that seems to be a very easy install.  I can't wait to get this well-designed faucet up and running in my own kitchen, for I know that it will provide the beauty, elegance, function and style that this room has been needing for so long!

Since it is also made by Delta and backed by their lifetime guarantee, I'm sure that it will continue to perform and look gorgeous through the years!

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Disclosure:  I received the Vessona Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet with Spray in Brilliance Stainless from Delta Faucet Company in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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