Review - The Azula Will Really Save Your Butt This Summer


AzulaEver spent weeks (or months...maybe years?) getting in shape and eating right so that you can be ready for summer and bikini weather?  Did it take you FOREVER to find just the right swimsuit that shows off your assets, yet camouflages your faults?

Have you spent all that time and money and then ended up with "fuzz butt" after just a few days of sitting by the pool?  Well, I'm happy to say that there's finally a cure for the "fuzz butt" blues...the Azula!

The Azula summer accessory mat is available for only $14.50 each.

What is an Azula?

The Azula is a flexible, water resistant and fashionably-designed mat that women and girls place at the edge of the swimming pool to keep their bathing suits from snagging while sitting down.

Whether a woman spends $20 or $200 on a bathing suit, she knows it gets snagged when sitting at the edge of the pool. Snagging shortens the life of the suit and looks unattractive. Most women use towels to protect their suits from snagging on the rough cement, however towels get wet and heavy and are bulky. Now there’s the Azula!

How do I use an Azula?

Just roll up, tie with built-in cord, toss in a bag and go. Place Azula at edge of pool, sit down, and keep your suit un-snagged.

How does it work?

It’s simple, really. The special material, neoprene, grips to the poolside cement surface, yet the top fabric won’t snag your suit. It’s got cushion for comfort, and it’s water resistant, flexible and lightweight. Comes in a variety of cool designs and colors, too.

What makes the Azula different?

The Azula will not slip, dries quickly, rolls up, can be tied and placed into a beach bag, and stands through its unique designs. It’s becoming the newest and hottest swimsuit fashion accessory for women and girls.

What other uses are there for the Azula?

Other uses include keeping one in the car (keeping your bottom off that hot leather seat), for picnics and soccer fields when the ground is damp, sporting events, outdoor festivals and concerts, indoor water parks, beach, boating and more. Sand does not stick to Azulas. The uses are endless!

In order to facilitate my review, I was sent an Azula in the Starfish, yellow on turquoise, design. I really liked the vibrant colors and how light and flexible the Azula was.  It came with a white cord attached with double stitching (very secure) to the mat so that you could easily keep the Azula rolled up tight.

Next, I measured the Azula and was happy to find that it was 17" in diameter.  This is plenty wide enough to fit your bottom on, yet small enough to be easy to take anywhere.  It can even fold up for traveling in your purse, which I successfully tried to do.  The great thing about this nifty little invention is that it is water resistant, lightly padded for comfort, and even sand won't stick to it because it is made of neoprene...the same flexible material that a lot of cushy cell phone cases are made of these days. 

Azula Starfish Azula


The great thing about the Azula is how functional it is!  It can definitely be used poolside so as to keep the "fuzz butt" at bay and  your new bathing suit looking great, but it also can be used at soccer games (sitting on damp grass), at baseball games (sitting on hot bleachers) or at the beach (sitting on hot sand).

I'm so happy to have the Azula now, because I've finally found something which will save the backs of my legs from being burned in the summertime when I have to sit on my truck's leather seats after it has been baking in the hot sun!  The Azula even fits nicely in my purse, so I will always have it on hand to save my legs from the heat and save my daughter from hearing a few choice words when my thighs would fry!  :)

Azula Azula



  • Folds easily and has a sturdy cord to keep it wrapped
  • Bright, vibrant colors in cool designs
  • Tons of places you could use it
  • Saves your swimsuit from wearing out quickly
  • Water resistant and sand won't stick to it
  • Lightly padded

WEAKNESSES:  I don't feel there are any weaknesses to the Azula.  It's one of those classic inventions where you say to yourself, "Why didn't I think of that?"

This is a must-have for any avid pool-goer, but what makes the Azula such a great product is that it can be used indeed anywhere you sit.  Summertime is all about being outdoors and you can rest assured that if you have the Azula thrown into your beach bag, car or purse, you'll always have a terrific seat!

Product Review Rating 5 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the Starfish Azula from prettySMART, LLC in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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