Review - Baby Dipper Bowl ~ Making It Easier & Neater to Self-Feed

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Any mom knows how trying and messy it can be when your little one is learning to eat on their own.  Finding a good set of utensils and a good bowl made especially for early eaters is especially important.  Since Riley is going through that particular phase now, I was very eager to try out the Baby Dipper Bowl and Utensils Set from Baby Dipper.

The Baby Dipper Bowl and Utensils Set can be purchased for $12.95.

I was very excited when I first received the Baby Dipper Bowl and Utensils Set for it had very bright and inviting colors and seemed to be made of extremely high quality materials.  The bowl was very thick and sturdy and had a no-slip grip at the base of it.  The spoon and fork were also brightly colored and had soft yellow grips for the handles.

The bowl was unique in the fact that it was in the shape of a triangle and the bottom sloped down to one corner.  This unique design made it very easy for Riley to scoop her food out, instead of chasing it around the round bowl trying to get the food on her spoon, which is what she does now.  The utensils also have curved handles so that they rest nicely in the bowl and are not falling out of the bowl or into the food.

Baby Dipper Feeding System Riley with the Baby Dipper
Baby Dipper Feeding System


Riley is a pretty wild eater and I must admit that this bowl seemed to really help her get the food onto her spoon and into her mouth, for once!  The bowl definitely doesn't slide around, which is wonderful, and the curved utensils sit nicely, and neatly, on the side of the bowl.  Riley was so fascinated with the bowl and that you could see through it that she kept wanting to pick it up during mealtime.

I wish it could have somehow fastened down to her table so that she couldn't pick it up either, but I'm sure that the more we use it, the less fascinated with it she'll be.  I used it several times to help feed her and it truly makes feeding your child a one-handed operation!  The non-slip base made it very easy for me to use with only one hand, while the other hand was busy giving her milk, toys, picking aforementioned milk and toys off the floor, etc.

This is a terrific feeding product that can be used easily by the parents when their child is just starting on solid foods, and then later by the child when it is their turn to learn to feed themselves.  The bowl and eating utensils are brightly colored, which make them extremely attractive to little ones, and the utensils are curved too, so they rest nicely on the edge of the bowl and are easy for little hands to hold.

The non-slip base and the triangular-shaped slope of the bowl make one-handed feeding a breeze for parents and easier for the child to get food onto their spoon or fork.  I definitely recommend buying this product as soon as your child starts eating solid foods.

Product Review Rating 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the Baby Dipper Bowl and Utensils Set from Baby Dipper, LLC in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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