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Misikko LogoWhether or not my hair looks good can really affect my outlook and mood for the entire day.  Things just always seem to go better and the day is more enjoyable when you know your hair looks healthy, shiny and stylish.  I use a flat iron on my hair quite frequently since I can never seem to style it very well with just a brush and blow dryer.

Since my hair is particularly fine and straight (and colored), I have to fight the flyaways and the frizz.  I love how a flat iron smoothes my locks, but I've always been wary of using them too much since I know they can damage my hair.  I've heard though, that this isn't the case with a high quality flat iron.

In fact, I've heard that your hair can appear even more shiny and smooth if a high quality flat iron is used instead.  I wanted to put the Hana Professional Pink 1" Flat Iron, from Misikko, to the test to see if I could rid myself of "bad hair days" for good!

I was sent the Hana Professional Pink 1" Flat Iron from Misikko, which retails for $204.99 but is currently on sale for $119.99.

I was so very surprised when I received my Hana Professional Pink 1" Flat Iron from Misikko, because there were so many neat extras included with the flat iron!  Everybody loves pleasant surprises and Misikko brought them in spades!  I thought that I would just be receiving the Hana Professional Pink 1" Flat Iron, Iron Mat and Storage Pouch, as advertised on the Misikko website, but I also received other goodies too!  My package included everything you see in the picture below and detailed here:

  • Hana Professional Pink 1" Flat Iron
  • White plastic rose for decoration
  • Iron mat to protect surfaces from being damaged by the heat
  • Ivory satin drawstring bag containing three emery boards and 2 oz. bottle of hand sanitizer
  • Three white rubber-like roses which smelled nice and could possibly be used for drawer sachets
  • A 2 fl. oz. bottle of Hana Shine Shield leave-in treatment
  • An embroidered black heatproof pouch with large pink satin ribbon around it
  • A black tin and pink Velcro storage bag for the Hana flat iron

Wow!  How's that for some extra goodies?  I thought this was a very classy touch and it made me feel extra appreciated as a Misikko customer!

Misikko Hana Professional Pink 1" Flat Iron

Okay, now to see how well I could style my hair with it!  As you can see, the bottom left picture shows me with my hair "as is" after letting it air dry from getting out of the shower.  Even with it being short, my hair tends to frizz out in places and I have a ton of flyaways which give it a very rough and unkempt look.  I plugged in the Hana Professional Flat Iron and was surprised at how fast the iron heated up and was ready to use.  It literally took about 6 seconds!

Because it's a professional flat iron, I could adjust the styling temperature.  Since my hair is both fine and chemically treated, I decided to use the 302 degrees F (150 degrees C) setting, though this flat iron can reach temperatures anywhere from 140 degrees F to 450 degrees F.  I really liked the 8' swivel cord and the no slip grip on this flat iron!  I was able to turn it any which way I wanted and never had to worry about running out of cord or it wrapping up and getting in my face while styling my hair!

Before Styling My Hair

After Styling My Hair

As you can see from the upper right picture, the Hana Professional Pink 1" Flat Iron really helped smooth my hair and amped up the shine tremendously!  I couldn't understand how it was possible for a flat iron to actually be good for your hair until I read more about it.  It seems that the ceramic plates on the Hana flat iron can actually protect your hair color from fading.

The tourmaline, a precious mineral which is baked into the ceramic plates, generates an intense amount of negative ions which neutralize and condition the positive ions on damaged hair for hair that is healthy, smooth and frizz-free!  I'm a believer hair stayed this way for the rest of the day and the frizzies and flyaways were gone!

Misikko is a quality company that really seems to care about their customers!  I was heavily impressed by the "extra touches" that were included with the Hana Professional Pink 1" Flat Iron and this is hands-down the best flat iron I've used thus far.  I highly recommend shopping Misikko the next time you're in the market for any hair styling tools, such as professional hair dryers, flat irons or curling irons.

Product Review Rating 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the Hana Professional Pink 1" Flat Iron from Misikko in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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