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Peaceable Kingdom PressWith Back to School shopping on everyone's minds right now, it's easy to forget the little ones who are too young for school shopping.  Why not include them in all the learning action by presenting them with a fun solo activity that they can play with ANYWHERE!

There are also no words included, just pictures, and this activity can be completed an unlimited amount of times.  Wonder what I'm talking about?  Only the reusable sticker packs from Peaceable Kingdom Press!  I had the opportunity to review the At the Zoo Sticker Pack with Riley.  Keep reading to find out how whether she liked it or not!

I reviewed the At the Zoo Sticker Pack from Peaceable Kingdom Press, which retails for $9.99.

Riley absolutely LOVES animals!  She knows most of the names of the common farm and jungle animals and has many toys that are animal related.  Now that she's getting to an age where she can concentrate more and enjoys the details in objects, I thought that the At the Zoo Sticker Pack from Peaceable Kingdom Press would be something she'd really enjoy.

In this sticker pack, you receive two large zoo backgrounds and 4 sticker sheets with over 100 stickers, ranging from giraffes and other animals, to people and concession stands.  You also receive a cardboard tote with handle so that all of these pieces can be stored and transported easily.

Peaceable Kingdom At the Zoo Sticker Pack

The sticker packs offered by Peaceable Kingdom Press don't really contain stickers, but rather vinyl clings.  These clings adhere very well to the accompanying background scenes and can be reapplied over and over.  Also, because there is no adhesive used whatsoever, these clings don't attract dirt or hair, which would make them lose their "stickiness" over time.

These sticker packs are recommended for children ages 3 and up, because the stickers themselves are rather small.  Since Riley is past the stage of putting things in her mouth and because I am always supervising her when she plays with this pack, I think that this toy could be appropriate for younger children as well.

Peaceable Kingdom At the Zoo Sticker Pack

Very Excited to See the At The Zoo Kit Waiting For Her After Her Bath!

Peaceable Kingdom At the Zoo Sticker Pack

So Excited That She Even Had to Show Our Dog, Noel!

Peaceable Kingdom At the Zoo Sticker Pack

Riley Picked Out One of the Sticker Sheets and Got Busy!

Peaceable Kingdom At the Zoo Sticker Pack

She Played With the At The Zoo Sticker Pack For Well Over an HOUR!


Riley loved playing with the At the Zoo sticker pack and reapplied these stickers in various locations a million times!  She would also bring me the backgrounds and have me "read" them to her.  That's when I would just make up a story based on what and where she had applied the stickers.  When she gets a little older and she has a wider vocabulary, she will be able to make up stories to tell me!  :)

Peaceable Kingdom Press offers a wide variety of affordable toys and games for your children.  I thought that the At the Zoo Sticker Pack was a wonderful toy that Riley absolutely loved too!  This sticker pack inspires creativity and imagination and can be used over and over again.  It is also perfect for taking with you in order to keep your children occupied on long car trips, waiting at the doctor's office, etc.  I would highly recommend this sticker pack and plan on sampling other products from Peaceable Kingdom Press as well!

Product Review Rating 5 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the At the Zoo Sticker Pack from Peaceable Kingdom Pressin order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.


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