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Powermat LogoIn this high-tech, digital world, it seems I have a million different devices which need to be charged almost daily!  From cell phones, digital cameras and camcorders to Bluetooth headsets, iPods and iPads, the list seems never-ending, yet my electrical power supplies are.  How many of you are sick and tired of digging through drawers trying to find just the right power cord and having your devices strung out all over the place using numerous outlets?

Or, if you're like my family, we have one outlet that is on overload and a huge ton of wires and cords sticking out of it.  I won't even mention the chaos that goes on when you actually have to travel somewhere and remember to bring all of these chargers and devices with you on the road!

That's why I was thrilled when the folks at Powermat USA asked if I would review the Powermat Charging Mats and Powercube Adapters.  This could be the answer my family was looking for to solve our digital dilemmas!

I was sent the Powermat 2X Charging Mat, which retails for $59.99, the Powermat Portable Mat, which retails for $99.99, a Powercube Universal Receiver, which retails for $29.99, and a dock for the iPod and iPhone, which retails for $39.99.


When I told some of my friends and family about the Powermat I was going to be testing, most of them immediately said the same thing.  "You can charge ANY device without plugging anything in!  You just slap your device on top of the mat and it automatically starts charging, right?"  WRONG!  I don't want anyone to believe that it's as simple as that.  The Powermat is not's extremely practical.  And practicality, I'm afraid, still needs electricity.

I want to tell you all about my experience using the Powermat Portable Mat along with the Powercube Universal Adapter and the iPod & iPhone dock.  I also received the Powermat 2X Charging Mat, but since that one works in pretty much the same way as the Portable Mat, I'll discuss it later in my review.

Powermat USA

Clockwise from top: Portable Mat, iPod & iPhone Dock, 2X Charging Mat, Powercube Universal Adapter


First, let me say that I absolutely LOVE the Powermat Portable Mat!  It is the coolest and most useful travel gadget I've run across in a long while.  This is because you can easily charge up to FOUR devices using just one electrical plug as well as keeping all of your electronic devices in ONE place.  When Michael and I travel, we seem to take all of our electronics with us.  I mean we have to have our cell phones for emergencies, our digital cameras and/or camcorders for plenty of photos and memories, our laptop, our iPods, etc.

If you're traveling with kids, you know they love having their portable video game players too.  Now, when you stay in a hotel, it seems that empty electrical plugs are pretty scarce.  I can remember having to charge my cell phone in the hotel bathroom, unplugging a lamp or two so as to charge our digital cameras and iPods, and then trying to remember where all of our devices were scattered when it was time to pack up and head home!

I actually almost left my digital camera in a hotel room once, because there was an obscure plug almost under my bed, and I didn't see my camera sitting there charging!

The Powermat Portable Mat even comes with a really cool magnetic case to store your folded up Powermat and power supply in.  I do have a suggestion though, to make the Powermat Portable Mat even better.  I don't understand why the travel case doesn't have room to store any of the adapter cubes.

Since the Powermat Portable Mat comes with one Powercube, you would think that the case would accommodate it, but unfortunately, that's not the case.  :)  If Powermat USA would redesign their portable case to house at least three Powercubes, this would be the best designed travel tool of the century!

Powermat USA

The Powermat Portable Mat with Travel Case and Power Supply

Powermat USA

The Powercube Universal Receiver with 8 Tips  One of these tips is on the Powercube itself.


I have a similar request for the Powercube Universal Receiver.  This receiver comes with 8 different tips, 7 of which are loose and not attached to the receiver, that are designed to fit a myriad of different electronic devices.  Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure how you are supposed to store all 7 of these tips.  You see, the Powercube does have a storage container that magnetically attaches to the Powercube Receiver.

The problem is, only 4 of these tips at most, will actually fit in the storage area.  Where should I keep these other tiny tips without risking losing them?  If Powermat USA would please make the storage container taller, so as to house all 7 of the tips, then they could achieve design nirvana!

Another really great feature of the Powermat system is that you can actually leave your devices charging on this mat forever without overcharging your devices and shortening the life of their batteries.  My husband and I are always fighting this fight.  He is always unplugging the chargers because he doesn't want them to overcharge and I am always plugging them in so that my devices are fully charged and ready when I need them.  Now, we can finally stop this madness, leave the devices plugged into the Powermat all the time, and we BOTH WIN!

Powermat USA

As you can see from the picture above, I was able to charge my cell phone (a T-mobile Wing), an iPod nano, and an iPod Touch all in one location using only one electrical outlet!  How neat!  Also, the Powermat Portable Mat has a USB connection on the back of the mat.  This is useful if you happen to have a device which can charge in this manner.  I actually do!

My Samsung CL-65 digital camera does charge using a USB connection, and since Powermat doesn't make a tip that supports this device, this is the only way I can charge this camera with the Powermat.  You must also realize that the Powermat 2X Charging Station does NOT have one of these USB connections on the back, even though on the Powermat website, it states that ALL of their mats come with one of these connections.  Other than that, the Powermat 2X Charging Station operates in the exact same manner as the Powermat Portable Mat.

Therein lies the one problem I myself have with the Powermat charging mats.  I have too many devices which are not supported by the Powermat universal tips.  Currently, I own a Samsung camera, another Samsung camera/camcorder, a Canon camera/camcorder, an Olympus camera and a Motorola cell phone which cannot be used with the Powermat system.  I really wish that Powermat USA would "get on the hot foot" and start creating more of these tips for purchase.  If they would, our family would use the Powermats to charge every electronic device we own!

So, although this is a great product, please be careful before you purchase one.  Make sure that you realize which adapter tips you need for every device you plan on using with the Powermat.  Check their website for a full list of products which are compatible.  If the devices you want to use are on that list, then by all means, buy one of these!  You will definitely be glad you did!

Product Review Rating 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the Powermat 2x Charging Mat, the Powermat Portable Mat, the dock for the iPod and iPhone and the Powercube Universal Receiver from Powermat USA in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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