Review - U*neaks Shoes and Socks ~ Customize Their Feet to Look Neat

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Uneaks Customizable FootwearI have never seen a child that liked shoes more than my daughter!  Shoes was actually her first word and when my mother gave her a few pairs of new shoes recently, she actually played with them like TOYS!  I mean, she spent the rest of the DAY taking those shoes off, putting different ones on, trying to put socks on with the shoes, etc.

It's crazy!  So when I found out about U*neaks, the shoes you can actually customize and change everyday just by changing your socks, I knew that this was something my daughter would LOVE and so I had to find out more!

PRICE: I was sent the following to review from U*neaks:

I was so happy when I took these out of the box and looked them over, because they were just SO COOL!  I would have LOVED to have a pair of these U*neaks shoes and socks when I was little!  I opted for the Pink Suede Paris Z-strap shoe because Riley has a ton of pink outfits and I loved how sporty these little shoes looked!  This shoe is primarily made of pink suede, but it also has several places where there are sparkly, black patent and silver speckled accents, such as around the clear windows on the outside of the shoe.

You see, that's what makes the U*neaks shoes just so darn unique...every pair of their shoes contains this see-through window on the outside.  This is how they manage to make a cool shoe even cooler...and customizable.  When you couple the U*neaks shoes with their decorative socks, you get a completely new look!  Now, this little pink shoe is able to match one of Riley's blue outfits, just by her wearing solid blue socks with them.  The possibilities are endless!

These shoes are also, in my opinion, extremely toddler friendly because they did away with the traditional laces and instead, instituted a cool Velcro type of lace, which fastens on the outside of each shoe.  Now, Riley can actually put her shoes on ALL BY HERSELF, which as I'm sure you know, toddlers and young children just LOVE TO DO!

Uneaks Customizable Footwear

Pink Suede Paris Z-Strap Shoes and Four Pairs of Socks I Received to Review


I was also sent four different pairs of crew socks from U*neaks.  These are also pretty original and definitely made to couple with the U*neaks shoes, because if you look closely, you will notice that every sock has two different sides with two different designs!  This means that if I buy ONE pair of socks, I end up with TWO different ways to wear them!

For instance, look at the first pair of socks in the picture above.  As you can see, one side of the sock sports a black and pink zebra pattern, while the other side has a hot pink and black leopard design!  I really loved this idea of maximizing your looks with the different socks that U*neaks offer.  If you are not a crew socks fan, U*neaks also carries every design in ankle socks as well.

Up Close View of the Paris Pink Suede Z-Strap Shoes from U*neaks

Up Close View of the Paris Pink Suede Z-Strap Shoes from U*neaks

Bottom View of the Pink Suede Paris Z-Strap Shoes from U*neaks

Bottom View of the Pink Suede Paris Z-Strap Shoes from U*neaks


As you can see from the pictures above, even the bottoms of these shoes are cool!  :)  Also, don't let my pictures fool you.  U*neaks carries a full line of boys shoes and socks too!  One word of caution though if you are planning on ordering a pair for your little one:  their shoes tend to run a full size SMALL, so make sure to order one size larger than you normally would.  Most shoes are available in toddler size 8 - children's size 3.5, but you should check to make sure they carry the size you need in the specific design you want.

My daughter absolutely LOVED these shoes and socks and once again, spent the rest of the day playing with her new U*neaks shoes and socks!  This time, who could blame her?  Now, I just wish they made these shoes and socks for grown-ups too...

U*neaks is a terrific name for the shoes and socks created by the Ingenuity Express Corporation.  They are by far, some of the coolest socks and shoes I have seen!  Each of the U*neaks shoes feature a clear "window" on the outside so that you can showcase your patterned sock, thus completely changing the look of the shoe!

Their socks are unique as well and extremely bright and lively.  They've ensured you get more bang for your buck with the socks because each pair is two-sided and can be worn two different ways, creating two different looks!  Riley thought these were the neatest shoes ever and I have to agree!  I can't think of anything I would change regarding either the socks or the shoes...a total 5 star product!

Product Review Rating 5 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the U*neaks Pink Suede Paris Z-Strap shoes, the Madagascar/Gloria socks, Zebra/Leopard socks, Splatters/Princess socks and Polka Dot/Targets socks from the Ingenuity Express Corporation in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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