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Belvedere Designs Custom Wall ArtYour home is your sanctuary and the place where you can really make your mark.  I absolutely love home decorating and design and am always looking for a way to jazz up every corner of my house with something original and distinctive.

Thankfully, I've recently discovered that wall art doesn't always have to come in a frame.  In fact, frames can be very limiting, whereas wall decals can be placed absolutely ANYWHERE!  You can now decorate doors, cabinets, mirrors, etc. with your own CUSTOM designs!  So, of course I was excited to review a custom nursery decoration for Riley's room from Belvedere Designs!

I reviewed the Nursery Vinyl Words & Wall Quotes #18 (4" Tall x 15" Wide) from Belvedere Designs, which retails for $18.00

I was so excited to see how great the wall decals from Belvedere Designs turned out.  The colors were vibrant and the decals were intricately cut and looked to be of a very high quality.  I knew that this hot pink and purple lettering would look great on the back of Riley's bright blue door.  The only thing I wish I had done differently was pay closer attention to how I spelled Riley's name when I input it into the ordering form.  I used all capital letters, not thinking that the decal would be printed this way.  So, if you are ordering a custom creation, make sure to pay close attention to what you are doing and if you use all caps, know that this is exactly what you will receive!  :)

I have never applied any type of wall quotes or decals before and was a little nervous as to how hard it would be.  Thankfully, it wasn't hard to do at all!  Because my design was so small, I went ahead and carefully peeled back the contact paper from the decal, making sure that it didn't stick to anything or curl up on itself.  Then, I lined it up exactly where I wanted it and made sure that everything was straight.

The good thing is that although the decals are sticky, they're not sticky enough that you can't reposition your wall art if you don't place it down right the first time.  After I positioned it just right on the back of Riley's door, I took the included smoothing tool and started to go over the decal again and again to make sure that it was well stuck to the door.  Finally, I carefully peeled off the top layer of paper and TA-DA!  My daughter's name was now on her door...and I thought it looked REALLY GOOD!

Belvedere Designs Custom Wall Art

What I received from Belvedere Designs: Two layers of decals and smoothing tool

Belvedere Designs Custom Wall Art

After the back contact paper was removed and the decal adhered to the door, I began peeling away the top layer of paper

Belvedere Designs Custom Wall Art

TA-DA! Riley's name has successfully been adhered to her door!

Belvedere Designs Custom Wall Art

Applying the wall quote now over Riley's name


Next, it was time to put the second layer on top of her name.  This was applied in the same manner detailed above.  I have to admit though that this layer was a little more tricky, just because there were some very tiny parts of the lettering that wanted to stay stuck to the back layer of paper.  Patience had to prevail here (as well as my fingernail), and before too long, I had the back paper removed and was aligning the quote over the top of Riley's name.

After a quick once over with the smoothing tool, I was ready to remove the last layer of paper and my design was completely finished.  I think the results are TERRIFIC and am really pleased with the ease of application as well as the final product.  From start to finish, this whole process only took 15 minutes.  Pretty neat!

Belvedere Designs Custom Wall Art

All finished! I love how everything turned out!

Belvedere Designs Custom Wall Art

A better view of the entire door with the new wall art


Now that I see how quick and easy applying custom wall art and decals can be, I have a ton of ideas for more embellishments!  For instance, I would love to put our family's initials in the entryway, a custom scroll design over the headboard of our bed, a cute quote in my daughter's bathroom, etc.  The list goes on and on!  Belvedere Designs has definitely set me off on a new path of home decor.

Product Review Rating 5 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the Nursery Vinyl Words and Wall Quote #18 from Belvedere Designs in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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