Review - Interactive Toy Concepts RC Cooler ~ Let Your Ice-Cold Drinks Come to YOU

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Interactive Toy Concepts

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This Thanksgiving will be characterized by all of the men in my family huddled around our TV, watching football, while the women are in the kitchen preparing the Thanksgiving feast.  Of course, the men will need plenty of snacks and drinks to keep them occupied and from being underfoot while preparing dinner.

I've just discovered the neatest cooler which I will definitely be putting to good use this holiday season...the RC Cooler from Interactive Toy Concepts!  Keep reading to find out how keeping your drinks cold and your guests happy has just become a ton of fun too!

I reviewed the RC Cooler from Interactive Toy Concepts, which retails for $74.99.

The RC Cooler comes in three colors (red, blue and black) and is designed to hold a dozen of your favorite drinks plus ice.  But unlike an ordinary cooler, this one has wheels on the bottom and is powered by a remote control, allowing you to serve your guests from another room or from a distance.

Now, when my husband, father and father-in-law need a refill during the game, they no longer have to leave the comfort of their recliners, for I can load up the RC Cooler and send it directly to them from the kitchen!  (This also keeps the men from meandering through the kitchen at the most inopportune times, causing all of us women to roll our eyes and mumble things under our breath!)  :)

Interactive Toy Concepts RC Cooler

The RC Cooler came ready to go right out of the box.  Simply insert a 9V battery into the remote control and six "C" batteries into the cooler itself.  If you flip over the RC Cooler, you will see the large section underneath where the "C" batteries will go, as shown in the lower right picture.

Interactive Toy Concepts RC Cooler Interactive Toy Concepts RC Cooler


One of the great features of the RC Cooler is how it folds flat for storage.  There are two plastic latches on either side of the cooler which holds the cooler in the flat position.  I was careful with these latches though, for the plastic they are made of does seem a little weak and like they might break if handled too roughly.

Once unlatched, the cooler then expands to full size.  At first, I was a little doubtful that this cooler would actually hold 12 beverages, but the more I opened it up, the more I could see that this was possible.

Interactive Toy Concepts RC Cooler Interactive Toy Concepts RC Cooler


The RC Cooler has a zippered top and the insulated lining inside seemed very heavy-duty.  What's more, it also comes complete with a nylon carry strap, which makes it perfect for taking with you to a party, the pool, backyard BBQ, etc.  When you're all done using the RC Cooler, you'll be happy to find that everything stores neatly inside.

Once you collapse the cooler, you'll also notice that this nifty gadget takes up very little room in your closet or garage.  Speaking as someone who is running low on storage space, I really appreciate the thought that went into this space-saving design! 

Interactive Toy Concepts RC Cooler Interactive Toy Concepts RC Cooler


If you are looking to be the hit at your next party or outdoor gathering, then I must recommend purchasing the RC Cooler from Interactive Toy Concepts.  It is as functional and practical as it is cool and intriguing!  I can't wait until this Thanksgiving to put it to work, and once the backyard BBQ season starts up again, this cooler will never get a moment's rest.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for that special man in your life, I guarantee that the RC Cooler will fit the bill!

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Disclosure:  I received the RC Cooler from Interactive Toy Concepts in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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