Review - KettleWorx Six Week Body Transformation Home Exercise Program

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KettleWorxAs any busy mom knows, finding time to work out is essential to staying healthy, but not always easy to do.  Sometimes we get too carried away with the daily task of taking care of our family and forget all about ourselves.  I am extremely guilty of this and have pledged to myself to MAKE the time to exercise.

Of course, it would really help if the exercise program I followed also had busy moms in mind and thankfully, I discovered KettleWorx.  KettleWorx is a six-week workout program that promises results by exercising for only ONE HOUR PER WEEK!  Now, that's the kind of time I can make!

PRICE:  I reviewed the KettleWorx Ultra 10, which retails for $99.95, from FitnessWorx LLC and includes the following:

  • Six Week Body Transformation DVDs (Introduction, Cardio, Core and Resistance DVDs)
  • A 10-pound kettlebell – KettleWorx Premium Kettlebell
  • The Ultimate Body Sculpting Collection – on 4 DVDs
  • Fast Abs – 1 DVD
  • Fast Fat Burn – 1 DVD
  • Fat Free in 42 – a 6 week healthy eating guide (e-Book format)
KettleWorx Ultra 10

KettleWorx is About Us | Kettlebells Fitness DVDs Routines Workouts Exercises and offers a complete kettlebell training program on DVD for home use. Designed to emulate a true personal trainer experience, KettleWorx is appropriate for men and women of any fitness level. Users are led through a series of gradually more challenging workouts that comprise the “Six Week Body Transformation”.

KettleWorx is a complete home fitness program based entirely on kettlebell training. The complete KettleWorx system includes ten DVDs, training in 200 unique exercises, over 12 hours of personalized kettlebell instruction and a healthy eating guide. The KettleWorx program results in a remarkable body transformation after just six weeks, and requires only three 20-minute workouts per week.

I couldn't wait to try the KettleWorx Six Week Body Transformation to see if I could fit it into my life as well as whether or not I would see real results from only working out one hour per week!  I used to go to the gym quite often when I was younger and I would spend many hours per week there.  So I have to admit that I was pretty skeptical when the KettleWorx program claimed to give me the same results or better from working out only three times per week for 20 minutes per day.




I followed this program for four weeks without missing a week.  I found that it was actually fairly easy to fit in the 20-minute workout while my daughter was napping.  I tried to stick to the schedule of working out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and performing the Core, Cardio and Resistance exercises on each of those days, respectively.  Sometimes, when things would get a little hectic and I couldn't find the time to work out, I would move my exercise to the next day.  What was great about this program, was that it was so flexible!  I only had to exercise three days a week and so I had another four days to make sure that I got those workouts in.

The videos also progress along with you so that you are not doing the same old exercises and watching the same old moves day after day.  I know that personally, when I use a video too often, I start to zone out on the video and don't get the maximum results from my workout.  This isn't the case with the KettleWorx system.  You actually have six different core workouts, six different cardio workouts and six different resistance workouts, coordinated to each week of the program.  Granted, there are many moves that get used repeatedly, but every week seemed to have a few moves that were new.  I liked this and really felt that I was progressing using this system.

I really liked Ryan in the video too.  He didn't talk too much or was too chipper or cheery, and he kept me motivated by reminding me when things got difficult that I could do this and that I would be looking better and feeling better in no time.  I honestly did progress and see changes with every workout!  Every day that I popped in the DVD, I noticed that I could do those same exercises better than I did the time before.  I noticed that I was stronger and my balance was better too.

I used the 10 pound Kettlebell from the beginning instead of the 5 pound one because I have been working out, off and on, for a while now and consider myself to be in decent shape.  I will tell you though, that many times I couldn't finish the sets with the 10 pound first.

Before long though, I was handling it like a champ and when those days came, I noticed immediately how much more defined my arms and shoulders had become.  As a matter of fact, I gained 1.5" in my arms alone!  I always had pretty scrawny arms, but now they are shaping up nicely.  I also can tell you that my thighs have gotten smaller and my butt seems elevated!  :)  No one likes a saggy rear view and Kettleworx has so many routines which focus on the glutes.

Unfortunately, my midsection is another story.  I have had a really hard time losing the weight I gained after weaning Riley from breastfeeding.  Now, I finally know why.  I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which means that basically my hormones are out of whack and it's slowing my metabolism WAY DOWN!

KettleWorx has given me a stronger core and tighter midsection, but I have to admit, through no fault of the KettleWorx program, that I have not seen much fat loss in this area.  I can actually see more defined abs under this layer of flab around my belly, but until I can get my hormones back to normal, I'm afraid the flab will be with me for a while.

The KettleWorx system also comes with six supplemental workout DVDs.

  • Chest & Back
  • Arms & Shoulders
  • Butt & Hips
  • Legs & Thighs
  • Fast Abs
  • Fast Fat Burn

These workouts are EVEN SHORTER (10 or 20 minutes long) and are targeted workouts so that you can really hit your trouble zones.  They are meant to be used on days in between the standard three-day schedule.  It is highly recommended that you take at least one recovery day between each workout for the first few weeks.  I did not consider myself strong enough yet to use these supplemental DVDs, but once I finish the program, I am going to start slowly by incorporating one or two of the supplemental workouts per week into my original KettleWorx exercises.

My husband, who always thinks that there is nothing better than working out at the gym, even had to admit that this system was working for me.  He even asked me several times about ordering the largest Kettlebell (20 lbs.) for him so that he could try the KettleWorx system too!  I highly recommend the KettleWorx system to any busy person who wants to workout, but is struggling with finding the time.  This exercise program has figured out a way to maximize your results AND minimize the time spent exercising!  I will admit that you will be sweating profusely and even grunting at times to get through!

5 Star Review
Disclosure:  I received KettleWorx Ultra 10 from FitnessWorx LLC in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.


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