Review - Little Kids, Inc. ~ No-Spill Mini Bubble Bucket & Bubble Tumbler Mini

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Little Kids Inc.I'm not exactly sure what it is, but there's just something about blowing bubbles that will immediately put a smile on any child's face.  My daughter absolutely LOVES everything there is about bubbles and gets so excited whenever we head out to the backyard on a bubble blowing adventure.

Unfortunately, because she is only 22 months old, she's not very successful yet in blowing bubbles herself.  Often, she just makes a huge mess and spills the soapy solution all over her within a few minutes, thus turning herself into a sticky mess.  Little Kids Inc. actually has a patented invention whereby the bubble solution can't spill out, perfect for little ones.  No more hosing Riley down in the backyard after blowing bubbles?  This I've got to see!

I reviewed the No-Spill Mini Bubble Bucket from Little Kids, Inc., which retails for $6.49, and the No-Spill Bubble Tumbler Mini, which retails for $2.50.

I was sent two products from Little Kids, Inc.  First, they sent me one No-Spill Bubble Tumbler Mini, which is perfect for little hands to hold.  They make these in either boy or girl designs and each Bubble Tumbler Mini comes with a wand which sits in the top of the tumbler.  Riley loved holding her own bubble solution and having access to the wand whenever she wanted it.  She even knocked it over and held it upside down several times and NO BUBBLE SOLUTION ever came out!  I was shocked and pleased at the same time.

The Bubble Tumbler Mini didn't come with a lot of soapy solution, for Riley used up all that was included the first time we tried it.   At least it is refillable though, and so the tumbler can be used over and over again.  She also had a very hard time with the wand itself.  The actual hole which makes the bubble is very small and so she couldn't really blow a bubble yet because it was too hard for her to direct the air from her mouth exactly in the right place for that small hole.  Because this item is supposed to be for small children, I would definitely suggest making the hole in the wand larger so that the bubbles would be easier for them to blow.

No Spill Bubble Tumbler Mini No Spill Bubble Tumbler Mini

The No-Spill Mini Bubble Bucket was exactly like the Bubble Tumbler Mini except that it would hold much more bubble solution as well as three wands instead of one.  All three wands sat neatly in the top of the bucket and again, Riley tried spilling the solution out, but could not.  I also liked the handle on top of the bucket, which made it very easy for her to carry around.

The three wands included were the same size as the one included with the Bubble Tumbler Mini, so Riley didn't have any better luck blowing bubbles on her own.  Maybe once she gets a little older, she will have more success with the included wands.

No Spill Mini Bubble Bucket Kids with Bubble Bucket


If you have children who love to blow bubbles, but you hate the mess and the wasted solution, then I highly recommend the Mini Bubble Bucket or Bubble Tumbler Mini from Little Kids, Inc.!  They've found a way to make bubble blowing a fun and long-lasting activity for even small children.

What interesting tip do you have for making blowing bubbles even more fun?
Product Review Rating 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the No-Spill Mini Bubble Bucket and Bubble Tumbler Mini from Little Kids Inc. in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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