Review - Personal Training with Jackie: Crunch-Free Xtreme Abs Workout DVD

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Personal Training with Jackie Xtreme Crunch-Free AbsLike many other Americans, my quest for improved physical fitness will begin with an all new vigor on January 1st.  Of course, I'd like to improve my overall health and well-being by becoming more physically fit, but more than anything else, I want to look better in my clothes and shed those holiday pounds I've managed to put on.

For me, my midsection is my number one enemy and one that I plan to attack full force in 2011.  I have to admit though, that I absolutely HATE doing crunches because of the strain that is put on my lower back and neck.  Is there any other way to get sculpted abs?  Apparently, YES!  Jackie Warner has created an all new workout video entitled, "Personal Training with Jackie: Crunch-Free Xtreme Abs", which I had the opportunity to review.  Keep reading to find out more!

I reviewed the Personal Training with Jackie: Crunch-Free Xtreme Abs DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment, which retails for $14.98, but is currently on sale for $11.99 with FREE SHIPPING.

Personal Training with Jackie Xtreme Crunch-Free Abs

I have to admit that I had never heard of Jackie Warner before reviewing this workout DVD, but there's one thing I knew right from the beginning...this girl has some FABULOUS ABS!  Anyone with abs like this can definitely teach me a lot!  I was also psyched to know that well sculpted abs can be achieved by following this workout video three times per week for only 15 minutes per day.  This very straightforward workout video contains two 15 minute exercises, one standing up and one on the floor.

The Crunch-Free Xtreme Abs video claims to attack your abs from every angle so as to achieve trimmer, tighter, flatter abs - FAST!  Well, I was definitely game for this, since flatter, more defined abs is my number one fitness goal for the upcoming year.  I have to say, that after completing both exercise routines, I was NOT disappointed with the results I received.

Personal Training with Jackie Xtreme Crunch-Free Abs

You are encouraged to have a set of hand weights and a mat available when performing these exercises.  Personally, I used a 3-pound set of weights and have to admit that I struggled with several of the exercises using this amount of weight.  If you are a beginner, I think the hand weights are probably optional and something that should be progressed to slowly.

First of all, the standing exercise routine is great and is a wonderful one for those just starting out, though it is still extremely challenging and will provide you with quite a burn in your ab muscles afterward.  I was surprised at how many new exercises were included with this routine.  I've done my fair share of workout videos and have an entire collection of ab exercise videos, but I was pleasantly surprised to find Jackie had some new moves in this routine that I've never done before.

Next came the floor routine, and oh my!  I was SO not ready for this!  Jackie definitely gives it all she's got here and pushes you to the max.  My abs weren't nearly in good enough shape to even be able to finish all of these exercises, although I definitely attempted all of them and did my absolute best.  One thing that is great about your muscles, is that they will change and strengthen dramatically in a very short amount of time if you keep at it.

I just know that before too long, I will be able to finish the floor workout.  I loved how challenging it was and how now I have a new goal to attain.  There is no doubt in my mind that if I can master the floor workout, I will definitely have toned, flattened and sculpted abs!  This routine made my muscles cry and I felt the burn for the next several days after only 15 minutes of work.  Now that's a workout that will deliver results!

If transforming your weak and flabby midsection is on your list of priorities for the New Year, then I highly recommend the Personal Training with Jackie: Crunch-Free Xtreme Abs DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment.  In only 15 minutes a day, three times per week, Jackie can help pound those abs into your most prized possession and have you swimsuit ready in no time!

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Do you have any tips, workout videos or other exercises which will help get great-looking abs?
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Disclosure:  I received the Personal Training with Jackie: Crunch-Free Xtreme Abs DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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