Review - Pocoyo Bump 'N Go Racing Car and Pato Squeeze 'N Play Plush Doll

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Once again, I find myself oblivious to a hit children's television show and its characters.  Pocoyo (which means "little me" in Spanish) is a CGI series originating in Spain, but now being aired on popular networks like Nick Jr. and PBS.  Pocoyo is a fun, educational and family-friendly series which is all about a curious little boy and his adventures with his friends.

Bandai has created an entire line of children's toys based on the Pocoyo television series.  I had the opportunity to review two of them with Riley.  Keep reading to see how she liked them!

I reviewed the following two toys from Pocoyo:

Pocoyo Bump 'N Go Racing Car, which retails for $39.99, but is currently on sale for $34.99

Pato Squeeze 'N Play Plush Doll, which retails for $19.99

I was excited to give both of these toys to Riley to play with, for even though she isn't familiar with the Pocoyo series, she is the perfect age for them.  Both toys were bright and inviting and grabbed her attention immediately.  Since Riley is a huge animal lover, I had a feeling that she would enjoy Pato the duck immensely.

Pocoyo Toys

To begin with, I gave Riley the Pocoyo Bump 'N Go Racing Car.  She took to it right away and had this little guy scooting across our kitchen floor in no time, to the dismay of our dog, Noel!  The Pocoyo Bump 'N Go Racing Car is activated by pushing down on his head.  As soon as this happens, Pocoyo goes racing across the floor in either a forwards or backwards direction.  The car sort of bounces as it travels and plays a funny tune too. 

Pocoyo Bump 'N Go Racing Car Pocoyo Bump 'N Go Racing Car


If there isn't anything in his way, the Pocoyo Racing Car can travel a great distance, playing music the entire time.  Riley really liked watching him go, but unfortunately, our car got stuck quite often and didn't "Bump 'N Go" as it was designed.  Also, this toy made a loud grinding noise often, especially when it hit anything, which was very annoying and made you want to turn it off.

I have to admit that while this toy worked well at times, it mostly got stuck and made loud grinding noises.  Personally, I would only recommend this toy for people who have tile or hardwood floors with large unobstructed areas for this car to travel on.

Pocoyo Pato Squeeze 'N Play Plush Doll Pocoyo Pato Squeeze 'N Play Plush Doll


The Pato Squeeze 'N Play Plush was an instant hit with Riley though!  From the moment she saw his large, orange duck bill and tiny green hat, she thought he was funny.  Pato looks like any other stuffed animal, at first, until you give the large drum on his back a squeeze.  As soon as you do, Pato starts to play the funniest little quacking song you've ever heard!  This song doesn't have any words to it, but it's extremely catchy nonetheless and just makes you want to start dancing and clapping your hands.  My husband LOVES it too!

If you have any children on your Christmas list this year who are big fans of Pocoyo, then I would definitely recommend the Squeeze 'N Play Plush line of toys.  The Pocoyo Bump 'N Go toy didn't work as well as I would have liked and Riley didn't seem to enjoy the loud grinding noise, but perhaps this noise just signifies a defect and is not the way the toy is supposed to work.

I think any child would love to find a Pocoyo Squeeze 'N Play Plush under the Christmas tree this year and don't be surprised if you find yourself clapping your hands to the catchy tune it plays too!

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the Bump 'N Go Racing Car and Squeeze 'N Play Plush from Pocoyo and Family Review Network in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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