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Portare BagsEVERY time my husband and I go anywhere, whether it be on a full family vacation or just a local day trip, we make sure to take a backpack with us.  Maybe it's the Girl Scout in me, but I always like being prepared for every situation, and a great backpack is key to saving money as well as making any trip more enjoyable.

The one thing that frustrates me about the typical backpacks on the market today is that they aren't very electronics friendly, and since I always carry my digital camera, video camera and other various gadgets with me when I'm out and about, I would love to find a pack that is a lot more "tech-friendly".  So when I heard about the Portare Bags Multi-Use Backpack, I just had to see if my prayers had finally been answered.  Keep reading to learn more!

I reviewed the Orange Multi-Use Backpack from Portare Bags, which retails for $139.99, but is currently on sale at Amazon for $99.99 with FREE SHIPPING.
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At first glance, the Portare Bags Multi-Use Backpack looks like just a really cool bag, but if you thought that, you'd be incredibly wrong!  This backpack is the most versatile bag I've seen in quite a while!  The Portare Multi-Use Backpack can do it all, from serving as a laptop bag, a baby bag, a carry-on piece of luggage and even a professional camera bag.  What's more, it has a ton of great features, is extremely well-made and durable and is even fairly small considering all that it will hold.

Portare Bags Multi-Use Backpack

Portare Bag Functioning as a Baby Bag

Portare Bags Multi-Use Backpack

Portare Bag Functioning as a Professional Camera Bag


Let's start with the features...  The Portare Multi-Use Backpack is constructed from 1680 denier Ballistic nylon which is as tough as it sounds.  It's the same material used in ultra high-end luggage like Tumi or Briggs and Riley, which lends to the exceptional durability of this backpack.

My husband especially loved the shoulder straps and back of the Portare backpack, for he's usually the one toting it around when we travel.  The shoulder straps are double padded so that you can stuff this backpack to the brim and still be able to carry it in comfort.  I thought that the two D-ring clips on the straps were a nice touch, because now we can attach our high-use items, such as water bottles or digital cameras, to the straps with carabiner clips and have them literally at our fingertips.

The back of the Portare Multi-Use Backpack is both padded, for extra comfort while carrying it, as well as ventilated.  Now, my husband doesn't have to worry about having a sweat-soaked shirt when he takes the backpack off for a little while.

Portare Bags Multi-Use Backpack

Portare Bag Functioning as a Laptop/Electronics Bag

Portare Bags Multi-Use Backpack

Portare Bag Functioning as a Carry-On Bag

Speaking of things getting wet, the Portare backpack has one of the neatest things I've ever seen...a built-in rain cover!  So if you get caught in an unexpected shower, you can quickly and easily remove the rain cover from the bottom of the backpack and protect your contents from the storm.  I thought that this feature was truly ingenious!

Of course, the other major worry when traveling is that your bag or its contents could get swiped or stolen when you're not paying attention.  Thankfully, Portare has even taken anti-theft measures when designing this bag so as to better safeguard your valuables.  This backpack has several individual zippers so that you never have to unzip your entire bag, exposing everything, to remove just one item, which is especially important for avid photographers.

The super tough nylon is also resistant to being slit with a pocket knife and the extra safe buckles covering every opening of the bag provide another layer of protection, so that the pickpockets and thieves will move on to an easier target than you.

Portare Bags Multi-Use Backpack Portare Bags Multi-Use Backpack


Finally, the Portare Multi-Use Backpack has so many interior pockets that it's just ridiculous at how many items you can store inside.  I love the interior pockets on the front of the bag, for they are incredibly deep and roomy and can be configured to any size you need.  This is perfect for storing my video camera, digital camera, extra chargers and cords, etc.  I also can easily use the Portare backpack's pockets for carrying Riley's toys, sippy cup and snack containers too.

Portare Bags definitely designed this backpack for use with all of the most up-to-date electronics and devices for they even included a padded laptop storage area as well as an iPad storage pocket, so that you can take one, both or none of these devices when you travel.  The iPad storage pocket is just perfect for carrying my eReader too, so that when I have the chance, I can catch up on my favorite book while on the go.

Portare Bags Multi-Use Backpack Portare Bags Multi-Use Backpack


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As if these features alone weren't amazing, what truly surprised me was the price of the Portare Multi-Use Backpack.  With the coupon code offered here (LIFEOFRILEY), you can actually purchase this backpack for only $79.99!  I've reviewed many bags on my blog, including professional camera bags, baby bags, carry-on bags and even laptop bags, but I've never seen one with all of these features at a price this low.  If you need the perfect companion for your summer travels, then I would highly suggest picking up a Portare!

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5 Star Review
Disclosure:  I received the Orange Multi-Use Backpack from Portare Bags in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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