Review - Veto Pro Pac LC Tool Bag ~ The Most Durable & Rugged Tool Organizer Anywhere

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Veto Pro PacA die-hard DIYer like me had no idea what was in store once I moved into my first home.  My husband and I loved our home's floor plan, but we wanted to change almost everything else about it, which got my creative juices going and put my handyman skills to the test.

Since I had lived in an apartment for 10 years before moving into our home, I had no idea how cumbersome and poorly designed my dollar-store toolbox was until I really started putting it to work through the endless series of home renovations and improvements that was to come over the next five years.

It wasn't until I first laid eyes on the tool bags from Veto Pro Pac that I learned what true tool organization was all about.  The folks at Veto Pro Pac were kind enough to allow me to review the Model LC Closed-Top Tool Bag in my own home.  Keep reading to learn more!

I reviewed the Model LC Closed-Top Tool Bag from Veto Pro Pac, which retails for $129.95 with FREE SHIPPING.

Veto Pro Pac Model LC Closed-Top Tool Bag

The Model LC Closed-Top Tool Bag from Veto Pro Pac is the smallest member of the family and is based on the award-winning XL design tool bag.  My first thought when the LC tool bag arrived at my doorstep was, "Wow! This tool bag is so well-constructed and rugged that I don't see how I could even begin to wear it out in my lifetime!"  Once you learn more about the materials and layout of this tool bag, I think you'll understand what I mean:

  • Contains WEATHERPROOF body fabric (1800 denier nylon)
  • WATERPROOF base, 3mm thick polypropylene
  • Heavy duty fastenings and zippers (marine proof rivets, industrial strength double nylon stitching and oversized zipper tabs)
  • Over-molded, ergonomic hand grip and extra-wide padded shoulder strap provide the ultimate in comfort while transporting

Everything about the way this bag is constructed makes me believe that it could withstand Armageddon.  They even provide a 5 year warranty with their tool bags, though honestly, I think it could easily hold up to 50 years.

Veto Pro Pac Model LC Closed-Top Tool Bag Veto Pro Pac Model LC Closed-Top Tool Bag

If you think that the Veto Pro Pac LC Tool Bag is just well made, then you'd be wrong.  What makes this tool bag truly unique is how well designed it is for housing your tools.  All Veto Pro Pac tool bags have a patented center panel design which keeps these bags upright and supports multiple levels of vertical tool pockets.  The Model LC Closed-Top Tool Bag contains 51 vertical pockets, 6 zippered pockets and even an outside mounted stainless steel clip for your tape measure.

 The vertical pockets mean that you can easily see ALL of your tools at ONE TIME.  This is completely foreign to me, since I have always been used to a tool box with multiple trays and all of my tools lying flat in one tray or another.  Finding a tool using this sort of storage system is next to impossible and requires you to completely disassemble your tool box every time you need anything.

But with the Veto Pro Pac LC tool bag, all of my tools were visible at once and selecting one tool was as quick and easy as pulling one pen out of a cup of 50 pens when you want to write something down.

Veto Pro Pac Model LC Closed-Top Tool Bag

With the Veto Pro Pac LC Tool Bag, I can quickly and easily grab any tool I need without having to get down on the ground and pore through my entire toolbox, EVERY TIME.  The dual-sided, zippered compartments have a ton of pockets to store over 75 various hand tools and the zippered flaps fold down and snap so as not to get in your way when searching and reaching for a tool.

The bag itself is one of the most rugged things I've ever seen and could withstand anything on a job site or the constant abuse from being banged around in the back of your truck.  If you are a DIYer or work with your hands for a living, there's no doubt in my mind that you will love the Veto Pro Pac tool bags just as much as I do!

Product-Review-5 Stars PNG8  
Disclosure:  I received the Model LC Closed-Top Tool Bag from Veto Pro Pac in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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