Review - ZERO Scale ~ The Best Scale to Build Confidence and Lose Weight in the New Year

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The ZERO ScaleI'm sure we've all been there at one time or another...obsessed with losing weight and being disheartened by the number you see staring back at you on the scale.  Losing weight is definitely tough, and personally I believe that the battle is both won and lost in your head.

Your head is what you must battle when it starts telling you to eat something unhealthy when you know you shouldn't.  Your head is also what starts to come up with a million reasons why sitting on the couch is the best thing to do instead of getting up and working out.

Well now, Great Valley Innovations has found a way to save your self-esteem from the mental warfare waged by your bathroom scale.  What if I told you that you could successfully track your weight loss journey and reach your goals without ever having to look at the numbers on the scale again?  Keep reading to learn more about The ZERO Scale!

I reviewed The ZERO Scale from Great Valley Innovations, which retails for $69.95, but is currently on sale for $59.95.
Receive the ZERO Scale Digital Pedometer/Calorie Counter ($19.95 value) FREE with your order.  Also, enter coupon code "zero" at checkout and receive 15% OFF.

The ZERO Scale from Great Valley Innovations

The ZERO Scale is the weight loss scale that doesn't actually show your weight.  It will track your progress over time, and show your results as a loss or gain.  This scale can keep track of a total of four users per household.  A "guest" mode is also available for visitors or if you'd like to see your actual weight.

The digital display shows your loss or gain in either pounds or kilograms as well as how many days it's been since your last session.  It will then show your total loss or gain and how many days since you started using it, making it a great weight watcher scale.  The beauty is that during your weight loss journey, your self-esteem will stay intact and you can focus on the small incremental changes you're making to your body, which in the end will add up to one huge difference!

The ZERO Scale from Great Valley Innovations

Getting started with this weight loss scale couldn't be easier.  Simply choose a user number (1-4) and tap on the scale until the appropriate number lights up.  Once the display tares to 0.0, step on the scale and The ZERO Scale will automatically calculate and store your weight.  You know that you can step off the scale once you see the "Days: 0" icon light up.  Now you're ready to begin tracking your progress, accurately and painlessly!

If you have a toddler running wild through the house, like I do, and are worried that perhaps a child or a pet might trigger the scale and erase all of your hard-earned data, don't worry!  Simply use The ZERO Scale two times in a row as you normally would until it shows your reading since last used as "Days: 0".  Now the weight loss scale has your most recent weight stored again and your next use will be accurate.  Your total days/total weight will remain in the memory and everything will display correctly on your second use.

It's also very easy to completely reset a user once you reach your weight loss goals.  Just tare the scale to zero again and then hold down the reset button on the back of the scale for five seconds.  All done and now you're ready to set and achieve your next fitness goal!

I'm totally stoked to begin my battle of the bulge with The ZERO Scale.  I love being able to track my daily changes as well as my long term progress through the holidays.  I don't want to necessarily LOSE weight and ruin the wonderful time of food and fun that this festive season can bring, but I also don't want things to get out of control so that I start the year on an uphill climb.  Thanks to The ZERO Scale, I can feel good about my progress and not obsess about my actual weight!

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Disclosure: I received The ZERO Scale from Great Valley Innovations, Inc. and Family Review Network in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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