Review - See My Newly Organized Pantry Thanks to the Brother P-Touch Label Machine

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Brother P-TouchIf you read my previous post about the disorganized state of my pantry, then you know what's coming next...the reveal of the newly organized pantry!  Pictures truly are worth a thousand words and unfortunately, they never lie.  Once I saw for myself just how cluttered my pantry was, I rolled up my sleeves, grabbed the Brother P-Touch Label Machine and got busy!

It took me an entire Saturday and lengthy trips to both Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond, but I'm pleased to say that my mess of a pantry is now one lean, mean organized machine.  Keep reading to see the before and after pics as well as to learn more about what tools I used to tackle the transformation of this high-traffic room:


Pantry Before


Pantry After

Whew!  It was a lot of work, but as you can see, the difference is quite noticeable!  I reorganized this room almost two weeks ago and am happy to say that it still looks exactly as you see above.  My husband and daughter find things much more easily now and actually put everything back in their places.  If there was any doubt as to where something might go, I quickly labeled the area to eliminate any confusion and to make it easy to keep the pantry organized.

First, I removed every single thing from this room and purchased several more clear bins to group similar items together.  For instance, I now have several containers of like cleaning products, such as bathroom supplies, floor cleaners, air fresheners, etc.  I even grouped items like water bottles and Riley's dishes together in their own bins and labeled them using the P-Touch Label Maker.

Brother-P-Touch Label Maker

This machine never ceased to amaze me because of all the options available.  It was so simple to change both the font, the frame, add icons to the labels and much, much more.  Everything printed out quickly and easily and only needed a slight trim with a pair of scissors before they were ready to apply to the containers.

For this organizational task, I changed the font and used a frame containing a leaf border.  This seemed to fit my pantry perfectly.  Custom labels have never been easier to create or quicker to use.  You can even store up to 30 of your favorite labels in the included memory of this machine for organization at your fingertips.

Brother P-Touch Pantry Makeover

After the large clear bins, I also utilized several white wire shelves in order to fully utilize the space of larger shelves.  I purchased small clear containers for items like cake decorating supplies, seasoning and gravy packets and chip clips.  Then I purchased airtight clear containers for pasta and rice, chips, cereal, etc. and finally used double turntables to organize our canned goods.

The bottom line is, that although it took a lot of work, I always love it when I can completely revamp a room of my home for the better.  Each and every day that I'm in that particular room, I enjoy the organization and cleanliness that it now offers.  The Brother P-Touch Label Machine is the perfect accessory for any home or office because its uses are truly infinite.  This label maker couldn't be easier to use and always delivers professional looking results.  Try it on your next home organizational challenge and see for yourself!

4.5 Star Product Review
Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Brother P-Touch and received a product sample to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.
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