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How many times in a month do you record video footage with your cell phone?  Five times...maybe ten?  You may have just witnessed something hilarious at the mall, recorded your child saying or doing something adorable or are out being silly with a group of friends.  But then what happens to that video afterwards?

If you're like me and the other 90% of America that does absolutely nothing with it, except eventually upload it to your computer for safe keeping, then I've got a wonderful FREE app to tell you about!

Download Flixlab, a brand new iPhone app, and instantly "remix" your mobile videos and then share them via Facebook.  So now, instead of uploading one singular boring video to YouTube, without any music, themes or text slides, and hoping that your friends and family will make their way over to see it (along with the millions of other people you DIDN'T want to see it), you can instantly post a jazzed up video for your select Facebook friends to see.

Unlike the current video editing software you may have on your laptop or PC, Flixlab is right where your videos the palm of your hand.  No more uploading your mobile videos to your laptop, poring over tedious video editing programs to try and make something unique and then posting to Facebook or YouTube.

With Flixlab, you can edit and post your video in the same way that you filmed it!  It's even possible to pool your mobile videos together with your friends and family, so that you can mix together one fabulous video of a birthday party or other special event.  You don't need to rely on just one video to tell a story any longer, because with Flixlab, you can create a montage from several different cameras in just minutes!

With the brand new Flixlab iPhone app, you can now shoot, edit and share video as it was meant to be...INSTANTLY and in the palm of your hand!

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