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Sleep NumberIf there's one thing I take super seriously, it's the quality of my sleep.  As a working mom, the quantity of sleep I receive always seems to be in short supply.  At times, there's not much I can do about that, but I CAN control the quality of the sleep I receive each night.  When you're battling through a tough day on just a few hours of rest, it's essential that you've maximized how well you slept the night before.  :sleep:

That's why I love checking out my local Sleep Number store.  Sleep Number has dedicated themselves to providing everyone with quality sleep while also realizing that each person might require a slightly different experience at night for that to happen.  After visiting Sleep Number this weekend, I know that they've finally done the themselves!

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Sleep Number DualTemp Layer

Last weekend, my family decided to try and beat the 100+ degree summer temps outside and head to the local mall.  I love outings like these because we all simply wander aimlessly about seeing what's new in the world of fashion, gadgets, furnishings and anything else we stumble upon.  After seeing the large banner in the window of the Sleep Number store, I had to go inside to have a look at what their newest creation, the DualTemp layer, was all about.

Sleep Number StoreSleep Number has always been about providing a completely custom sleeping experience with their Sleep Number beds, but now with the DualTemp layer, they've found a way to customize your sleeping temperature too!  I couldn't believe my eyes, for this has always been my husband and I's biggest quarrel.  He loves sleeping on a rock hard bed with the thermostat set on freezing, while I prefer a soft bed and am frequently buried under piles of blankets trying to keep warm.

Sleep Number BedThe Sleep Number associate greeted us at the door and showed us the brand new DualTemp layer.  It's a thick cushy layer which will fit on any mattress, not just a Sleep Number bed.  There are two LED remotes which control each side of the DualTemp layer so that each person gets the exact temperature they're craving.  My husband and I couldn't get over just how warm and how cold the DualTemp layer could get and I think we were both in love.  Finally, I wouldn't have to pile under layers of blankets each night and my husband wouldn't have to drop the thermostat down so low.  He could actually make just his body cooler instead of the whole home...definitely an energy saving idea!  :idea:

After we were shown the DualTemp layer, we were also taken to a test bed so that we could determine our own unique Sleep Number.  This was especially neat, because the computer showed us every pressure point on our body and how we interacted with the mattress when we laid down.  Then the associate adjusted the firmness of the bed to find the exact number where we no longer had those nagging pressure points.  My number was 47, while my husband's was 68.  Just as I thought...he sleeps better on a firmer mattress, while I need a mattress on the softer side.

If you live near a Sleep Number store, I highly recommend stopping in and letting their friendly associates show you the "cooler" side of sleep with the new DualTemp layer.  I didn't think it was possible for Sleep Number to top themselves, but this DualTemp layer is an absolute must-have!

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Disclosure: I received a DualTemp Layer from Sleep Number and Smiley360 in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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