Are You a Social Butterfly? Maybe It's Time to Give Your Cell Phone a "Boost"

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

Boost Mobile LogoIn this day and age, we want to stay connected at all times and most of us rely heavily on our cell phones to do just that.  Are you constantly checking your Facebook or Twitter updates and wish that your cell phone could work well with these sites?  Want to give your child their own cell phone this Christmas, but want to keep a tight reign on their cell phone bill?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then I recommend checking out the wide variety of phones and payment options that Boost Mobile offers.  For instance, Boost Mobile offers a prepaid option called "Re-Boost" whereby you can add funds to your account in advance, making it impossible to go over your budget.

This is a perfect way to set spending limits for your teen or tween BEFORE you get the bill that makes your jaw drop!  Boost Mobile offers flexible payment options too, such as paying by credit card, debit card, online, in-person and even over the phone, so it is always super convenient to pay your bill.  You can even set up your account for automatic payments so that it will basically be on "auto-pilot".

Boost Mobile also offers some of the latest and greatest phones which can keep you looking stylish and always connected to your most popular social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter.  They even have the Blackberry and i1 phones to choose from!  Now, you can easily keep track of your Facebook friends and make constant updates to your own Facebook and Twitter statuses while on the go.

Just imagine being out with your family and being able to post pictures, updates and funny stories to your Facebook account AS THEY HAPPEN!  You can even have unlimited access to Facebook for one low price.  Of course, you always have the option to add plenty of extras to your plan too!

I'm a former 7th grade Science teacher turned stay-at-home mom that lives in Houston, Texas. I am married to my college sweetheart and have a beautiful daughter named Riley, who definitely keeps me on my toes! I am also involved in starting a small business which would both manufacture and sell an invention that I've patented, called Toothpaste 2 Go. I love interacting with my readers and hope to learn as much about you as you learn about me!

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