What's Your Family's Back to School Ritual or Tradition? Celebrate It This Year with Tiny Prints

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Tiny PrintsAs adults, we celebrate the passing of time every New Year, but as children, the beginning of a school year is where it all begins.  Everything changes at the start of a school year, for a child will be in a new grade, perhaps even a new school, have a new teacher with new classes and most of the time, new classmates.

They will have grown and matured quite a lot in comparison to the year before and be challenged with a whole new set of responsibilities.  For all of these reasons, children should celebrate back to school as if it were the New Year.  I haven't had to cross this bridge with Riley yet, for she isn't even three years old, but when that time comes, her father and I plan on kicking off the following back to school family traditions that we will celebrate year after year.

Back to School with Tiny Prints

First of all, I think back to school should be celebrated in the same manner as any holiday and that usually means presents!  How can you dread a day when you know you're going to receive plenty of special surprises?  I've heard of the German tradition of Schultüte where children receive decorated paper cones filled with school supplies and treats, much like a Christmas stocking.

I plan on doing the same with Riley.  Instead of just giving her the back to school supplies and clothing we just bought, I'll make a large decorative stocking and fill it with all sorts of pencils, erasers, crayons, notebooks and the like, as well as wrap several outfits, a backpack and a lunch kit and let her open them all the day before she goes back to school.

Also, just like any holiday, there should be a big celebratory meal.  On the day before Riley goes back to school, we'll take her out to her favorite restaurant and have a nice family meal where we can discuss what excitement will lie ahead for her as well as celebrate her previous accomplishments in school years' past.

Finally, on the morning of the big day itself, we'll have to honor the age-old tradition of taking her picture in the exact same spot every year.  These are always so fun to go through later to remember what outfit you chose to wear on the big day as well as how much you've changed through the years.  All of this talk about the fun back to school family traditions we're planning for Riley almost has me thinking I won't be sobbing like a baby during her entire first day of school!  Who am I kidding?  :cry:

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Disclosure:  I received a gift card from Tiny Prints to thank me for my participation.  No other compensation was received.
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