Review - Wisk Deep Clean Laundry Detergent Helps Get Out the Gross Because Your Laundry's Not as Clean as You Think

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WiskRemember Ring Around the Collar, the original torture test for clean laundry?  Well, the ring isn't just around the collar anymore - it's throughout your clothes.  Even after washing, some detergents can leave hidden body oils and sweat behind that get trapped deep within the fiber of your clothes - and build up over time.

The average wash load has 20 times more body oils and sweat than visible stains.  Can you imagine how much builds up for a family of four in one week's worth of laundry?  Keep reading to learn more!

New Wisk Deep Clean is available in five powerful varieties:  

Original, High Efficiency, Oxi Complete, Fresh Breeze and Free & Pure.  Available at key retailers nationwide for $5.99 (50 oz.), $10.99 (100 oz.), $15.49 (150 oz.) and $15.99 (172 oz.)

Wisk Deep Clean Laundry Detergent

Wisk Deep Clean Laundry DetergentNew Wisk Deep Clean contains a unique patented blend of Micro-Cleaners that seek out and attack the #1 laundry soil - hidden body oils and sweat - some other detergents can leave behind.  Has anyone in your household ever worn a pair of socks more than once before washing them, or gone more than a month without changing their bed sheets?

A national survey by Wisk revealed that if your family is guilty of these laundry habits, you're not alone.  In fact, four out of five people surveyed admitted to at least one dirty laundry secret.  Top common laundry behaviors include:

  • Going more than a month without changing their bed sheets; in fact, only half of consumers wash their sheets once a week
  • Taking dirty items out of the laundry basket to wear, with more women than men admitting to this activity
  • Nearly one in three women admit to wearing the same bra for several days in a row, while close to one in three men admit to having worn the same socks or underwear for several days

"Our Wisk survey resulted in findings that would gross out most people, especially when you consider what the build-up of trapped body oils and sweat could be without regular washing, " said Bridgette Miller, senior brand manager for Wisk.  "Wisk Deep Clean helps to get out the gross in consumers' laundry by seeking out and attacking hidden body oils and sweat that some other detergents leave behind."

Disclosure:  I received a promotional item from Wisk for posting this information.



Do you have any "dirty secrets" when it comes to your family's laundry?

How surprised were you by the hidden oils and sweat found to be in all of our "clean" clothes?
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