Follow These Bumbo Baby Seat Proper Use Guidelines and Avoid Serious Injuries

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Serious Head Injuries to Infants Continue Due to Falls from Bumbo Baby Seats Used on Elevated Surfaces

Injuries occurring despite previous recall warning; parents urged to use caution

Due to the serious risk of injury to babies, CPSC and Bumbo International Trust of South Africa ("Bumbo International") are urging parents and caregivers to never place Bumbo Baby Seats on tables, countertops, chairs or other raised surfaces. Infants aged 3-10 months old have fallen out of the Bumbo seat and suffered skull fractures and other injuries.

CPSC and Bumbo International are aware of at least 45 incidents in which infants fell out of a Bumbo seat while it was being used on an elevated surface which occurred after an October 25, 2007 voluntary recall of the product. The recall required that new warnings be placed on the seat to deter elevated usage of the product. Since the recall, CPSC and Bumbo International have learned that 17 of those infants, ages 3-10 months, suffered skull fractures. These incidents and injuries involved both recalled Bumbo seats and Bumbo seats sold after the recall with the additional on-product warnings.



CPSC and Bumbo International are also aware of an additional 50 reports of infants falling or maneuvering out of Bumbo seats used on the floor and at unknown elevations. These incidents include two reports of skull fractures and one report of a concussion that occurred when babies fell out of Bumbo seats used on the floor. These injuries reportedly occurred when the infants struck their heads on hard flooring, or in one case, on a nearby toy.

The Bumbo seat is labeled and marketed to help infants sit in an upright position as soon as they can support their head. The product warnings state that the seat "may not prevent release of your baby in the event of vigorous movement." Infants as young as 3 months can fall or escape from the seat by arching backward, leaning forward or sideways or rocking.

Bumbo Baby Seat Safety Guidelines

At the time of the 2007 recall announcement, CPSC was aware of 28 falls from the product, three of which resulted in skull fractures to infants who fell or maneuvered out of the product used on an elevated surface. CPSC and Bumbo International are now aware of at least 46 falls from Bumbo seats used on elevated surfaces that occurred prior to the 2007 recall, resulting in 14 skull fractures, two concussions and one incident of a broken limb.

Approximately 3.85 million Bumbo seats have been sold in the United States since 2003.

  • The maker and distributor of the Bumbo Baby Seat have as their highest priority the safety of children.
  • The Bumbo Baby Seat helps babies sit upright and must be used only when babies can adequately support their own heads.
  • The Bumbo Baby Seat must only be used on the floor.
  • The Bumbo Baby Seat is safe for its labeled and intended use (on the floor).
  • A warning against placing the Bumbo seat on an elevated surface has been included on the back of the seat since it was first produced, and in 2007 it was voluntarily recalled so that a more explicit warning could be added to the front of the seat as a strong reminder to caregivers not to use the seat on elevated surfaces.
  • The Bumbo Baby Seat is fully compliant with applicable safety standards, however there are continuing efforts by the makers and distributor of Bumbo and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to educate consumers and reinforce proper seat usage.
  • Babies are active and curious and may wiggle out of the seat, which is why a baby should never be left unattended in the seat and caregivers should always follow these basic safety guidelines:
    • Use the Bumbo Seat ONLY on a floor-level surface
    • Do NOT use the Bumbo Seat on any elevated surface
    • Do NOT use the Bumbo Seat as a car or bath seat or in water
    • NEVER leave a baby unattended
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